AFL-CIO Endorses John Eder

Good news for Green Party state representative John Eder in his re-election fight, from The West End News...

In a historic move, the Maine AFL-CIO has endorsed Green Independent State Representative John Eder in his re-election bid for the District 118 State House seat representing the West End and Oakdale neighborhoods.

Eder has a 100% voting record on labor issues tracked by Maine’s unions, but this is the first time the labor union has endorsed his bid for the legislature, and it marks the first time that the union has endorsed a Green Party legislative candidate.

“We endorse legislators who have a record of supporting our goals and the needs of working people, and Representative Eder has shown a strong commitment to our issues,” said Ed Gorham, President of the Maine AFL-CIO.

Eder said it was “one of the high points of my legislative career to be endorsed by the nation’s most well-known union.”

In his two terms in the legislature Eder has made “livable wages” a focus, and has sponsored several pieces of legislation to increase the wages of Maine workers to a “livable wage.” He says that the legislature must set the tone by requiring “living wages” to be paid in state contracts and in wages paid through reimbursements from the state. Eder pledged to continue to speak out on behalf of those struggling on low wages.

4 Responses to “AFL-CIO Endorses John Eder”

  1. Dennis Says:

    Congrats to John on the endorsement!

    It’s about time people begin to realize the Green Party is the only party left in America who stands up for the working Americans in regards to
    supporting a “living wage.”

  2. Ragnar Danashold Says:

    This is excellent, and this is also the key for Independents and 3rd Parties. If you can get the “bases” of the Major Parties torn away from them, then you’re support and your chances increase massivly. As a member of the Independent community, I feel that we need to struggle for this as hard as we can.

    Not to mention the fact that the man is absolutly right. Not only Maine, but the entire damn country needs a living wage.

    If I hated saying this the first time, imagine how much I hate repeating it.

    “My name is Adam White, and, through luck and sweet talkin’, I’ve managed to get on the July Independent Poll! While I have managed to secure the lead, I still need a lot of support to keep it that way. After all, I’m facing off against Jesse Ventura, Angus King, Michael Bloomburg, Lou Dobbs, Donald Trump, and the oddly powerful Danny Imperito. My campaign’s had some hard going, and this could be a real boost for me. So please, come on down and vote for Adam White on this month’s Indy Poll.

    Also, if you feel that one of the names above, or one of the other names on that list, would be better, why not just vote for both of us? You can check multiple names on the Independent poll, so vote for whoever you want to, so long as you vote for me! ;-)

    Austin, if you feel that this is Spam or Advertising for the compitition or whatever, please feel free to delete this message. I won’t have any hard feelings, because it’s totally justified. Especially with what I’m about to say now…

    Is there some way you could mention my campaign at some point in the future? Just so people can know I’m running?

    Sorry for the off-topic post, but I need to get this out wherever I can, and I figure the best place to get some Indy support is at Third Party Watch.

    Seek Peace, Fly High, Find Love,

  3. Maine Green Says:

    its about time that organized labor realizes how in bed with corporate leadership both Ds nad Rs are and come across to a party that really supports working people. WAY TO BE EDER. (hes got this one won by a lot)

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