Joe Reporting from Portland (Day 4, Part 2)

The Following Report was submitted by Joe Magyer from this weekend’s Libertarian National Convention in Portland, Oregon. Joe is covering the event for Third Party Watch and we’ll be posting his dispatches as they’re received.

DAY 4 / Part Two ————————————————————

Good Libertarian that I am, Sully invited me to attend the Torch Club breakfast this morning, which was extremely kind of him. The breakfast was for donors who have given a significant amount of funds to the National LP over the past year. I’m on the pledge program, but I certainly am not anywhere near where the attendees at this breakfast rank in terms of contributions.

The breakfast was held at the swank restaurant on the 23rd floor of the hotel. Painfully, it started at 7 AM, which did not agree well with my decision to stay out late drinking Saphire and Lagavulin. My wallet did not agree with those decisions, either, but that is a different story.

There was a speaker at the breakfast from the…man, I’ve got to tell you, I can’t remember the guy’s name or the organization. Judicial Watch, I think.

Sorry, I was and continue to be exhausted.

Turns out that Bob had actually produced a couple of nice plaques for myself, Steve, and Dan Karlan in recognition of our efforts for the weekend. It was a very nice gesture and I look forward to putting it on the wall when I get home. I should say, though, that while we did do a lot of work at the convention, there were dozens of people who contributed without receiving such a nice, formal recognition of their efforts. I certainly can’t say my work was thankless, as I was personally thanked by dozens of people.

After the breakfast, I went back to the hotel, packed my bags, and went to a store to buy a coffee cup for my Dad. In the process, I lost my own souvenir, a Free State Project frisbee, somewhere, somehow. Being an ultimate frisbee player, I was absolutely crushed to have lost such a precious item. Sure, I can probably order a couple of them to replace the ones I had bought, but it just isn’t quite the same, plus I’ll have pay for them all over again.

In sum, I had an utterly fantastic time this weekend and I look forward to attending in 2008.

I am so exhausted as I write this post on the flight back home that I can barely keep my eyes open. Based on the feedback I’ve received in person and on the web, it sounds as though I did a good job of reporting and that the posts were an enjoyable read. I’d like to thank Austin for allowing me the venue and letting me pimp my own site, the American Politic, which has not seen much love from me in the past few days. Sorry, had to get the shameless plug in there.

As Trevor would say…

In Liberty,

4 Responses to “Joe Reporting from Portland (Day 4, Part 2)”

  1. NewFederalist Says:

    Great job! Great wrap up as well. Thanks for all the effort.

  2. Seth Says:

    Joe, contact the FSP Merchandise folk and we’ll take care of you. Thanks for the blogging at the LP convention.

  3. Varrin Swearingen Says:


    So sorry to hear about your frisbee loss. Seth’s right, just contact our merchandise department and let them know what happened.

    We actually played with them this year at the Porcupine Freedom Festival and I happen to know that there’s already plans for a tournament of some sort next year. Will it be Ultimate Frisbee? Frisbee Golf? Or everyone’s new favorite game, dodge frisbee (statists in the middle)?? ;) ;) ;)


  4. Stuart Richards Says:

    That sounds awesome. Thanks for the coverage, Joe. :)

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