Joe Reports from Portland (Day 3, Part 3)

The Following Report was submitted by Joe Magyer from this weekend’s Libertarian National Convention in Portland, Oregon. Joe is covering the event for Third Party Watch and we’ll be posting his dispatches as they’re received.

DAY 3 / Part Three ————————————————————

There were 2 primary speakers during lunch. The first was a Judge whose name I did not catch and the other was Dr. Bill Lynn.

The Judge’s speech focused on how the judiciary has been failing to protect the Constitution and he received a standing ovation from the crowd at his conclusion. Dr. Lynn, gave a broad speech on his campaign experiences.

Again, well received.

Coming back from lunch, we continue to be slammed at the desk. The famous Penn Gillette libertarian video is being shown as conventiongoers come back to the ballroom. Like most delegates, this is my first time seeing the video. I’m a big Penn G fan, as he is very witty and, well, libertarian minded. Plus, everybody loves magic. I remember reading a big stink over this video and its production on Hammer of Truth, so I was very curious to see it. Penn is sharp, well spoken, and engaging.

I’m sure I’m one of many, many people in the audience who would love nothing more than support Penn in a run as a Libertarian. Everyone loves the idea of silver bullets, as Trevor would say. Will that happen? One can hope.

I’ve spotted Badnarik in attendance for the first time this morning. I’m sure he’s been networking and such all morning, but I think it would have been a strong sign of leadership to have seen him sitting in attendnce with his delegation. That said, I understand his need to wisely choose his battles.

Following the Penn video, it was shown on the big screen that Bill Redpath will be the next Chair of the Libertarian Party, taking 64% of the vote. Ernest Hancock took 23%, while George Phillies took 9%.

Following this announcement, two new late delegates were added and, unlike yesterday, these went through without a hitch.

Next up, Bob Sullentrup was elected Secretary. Again, Bob has done a great job this weekend and I think the LP is lucky to have someone willing to do such a stressful job.

Following up on the Secretary’s race was the one for Treasurer. Mark Nelson addressed the delegation regarding his desire to continue as Treasurer for the Party. I get the impression has done a solid job and will vote for him to continue in that role. Mark was seconded by Mark Rutherford, who emphasized that Nelson has taken what was somewhat a messy situation on the Treasurer’s front and brought in a great deal of professionalism to the position. If there is a single position where I believe continuity is key, I believe Treaurer would be it. Bob Sully then stepped up and gave a strong second to Mark Nelson by focusing on Mark’s heavy involvement at the LNC level.

The second nominee for Treasurer is Geoff Neal. Geoff was introduced by a former Treasurer, whose name I did not catch, and was then seconded by incoming Chair Bill Redpath. As usual, Bill was strong at the mic. While I was leaning towards Mark, I think the heavy endorsement I have just seen from Redpath is what will swing my vote to Geoff’s way.

Pat Dixon from the Texas LP also stepped up to endorse Geoff.

The Vice Chair’s race results have been shown and there will be a run-off. Chuck took a little over 40%, while M came in second with a tally in the mid-30%’s, and Tony had what I believed to be support in the mid-20% range. Clearly, this was a tight race. Tony will now be dropped for the second ballot and there will be a run off between Chuck and M. Chuck and M are now out working the floor to improve their chances.

Tony tried to address the floor, presumably to endorse another candidate, however, he was shot down by the delegation. I thought that was rather intersting.

The Secretary’s desk has just exploded with activity. We’ve got votes for Treasurer and the second ballot for Vice Chair all out on the floor. Whew!

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  1. Will Says:

    Any word if Phillies will drop his insane Presidential bid now that he only polled a pathetic 9% for Party Chair?

  2. Otto Kerner Says:

    Too bad for Mr. Phillies. I canvassed for him in 2000, but I wonder if he’s tilting at windmills at this point. He’d make a great LNC member.

  3. BarbaraHGordon Says:

    Some of us revere George Phillies as the conscious of the party. He would have been a great LNC member.

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