Joe Reports from Portland (Day 3, Part 2)

The Following Report was submitted by Joe Magyer from this weekend’s Libertarian National Convention in Portland, Oregon. Joe is covering the event for Third Party Watch and we’ll be posting his dispatches as they’re received.

DAY 3 / Part Two ————————————————————

There is now discussion by the delegation over removing the “cult of the omnipotent state” terminology. I’d be shocked if this vote actually passed, as it would need 7/8 of the registered delegates. I don’t even know if we have 7/8 of the registered delegates in the room. I anticipate a manual count by Dixon on this issue.

Wow, the motion did ultimately fail, but it was VERY close. A reflection of the interesting tides of the weekend…or perhaps more than just a weekend?

The candidates for Chair are now going to address the convention.
Their speech order was determined randomly. Each candidate will receive five minutes a few minutes ago, three minutes for a second, and three minutes for ‘another’ speech.

The first canidate represented was Bill Redpath. Bill recieved a nice round of applause from the group. Bill’s nomination was by Dr. James Lark, who is widely respected within the party. Jim spoke quite highly of Bill and it was well received speech. Bill’s second speaker, Richard Winger, mentioned that Bill has collected over 10,000 ballot access petition signatures, which is a truly phenomenal number. Bill’s third speaker was former LP Chair Geoff Neal. Geoff told a stirring story about how Bill once flew down to Texas to help collect petitions once for the TX LP.

George Phillies was up next. I did not catch the man who introduced him. He focused on George’s experince as a volunteer coordinator and in the field of web 2.0. George’s second speaker was the Treasurer of the FL LP, whose name I again did not catch. He actually mentioned that George does not have a family and in that way he would have more time to contribute to the party. That actually made me feel kind of funny. I did not catch the third speaker, as I’m slammed.

Ernest Hancock was introduced by Barry Hess, who is the Arizona candidate for Governor. I spoke to Barry last night for a few minutes and he seems like a stand up guy running a serious campaign. Barry is giving a great speech and is an outstanding public speaker. After seeing him in action, I might send his campaign a few bucks. Barry’s speech is very good and is no doubt going to win Ernie some votes. Ernie’s second speaker was Angela, whose last name I did not catch. Angela is a candidate for the LNC. Her speech was very good and she probably just earned my vote in the LNC race. Ernie followed Angela, which was a strong strategic move, in my opinion, as it gave him face time that the other candidates did not take advantage of. That said, I didn’t think much of his address.

Good, but not great.

I estimate that the vote totals will shake out in the same way that I would vote:

1) Redpath
2) Hancock
3) Phillies

I ended up voting for Bill, with Ernie a close second.

The first speaker for a Vice-Chair candidate was the President of the Marijuana Policy Project. That candidate was Tony Ryan. He played up Tony’s experience as a cop and his libertarian values.

He was followed by a woman who spoke well of Tony personally. The third speaker for Tony was the Chair of the Colorado delegation. He spoke rather well of Tony and gave a good speech focusing on Tony’s experience with helping state affiliates.

Chuck Moulton was introduced by Nick Sarwark, who has had a lot of face time this weekend at the mic, which he candidly joked about. Nick gave a brief, but strong speech about Chuck’s candidacy and the openess that Chuck would like to bring to the LNC.

Chuck is the only Vice Chair candidate that sent out any materials in advance of the convention and I must say I was impressed them. I, unfortunately, did not catch his second speaker, as I was still swept up in Nick’s great speech. The third speaker, a delegate from Chuck’s home state of PA, opened with “Where is Chuck Moulten? I am convinced there are 7 or 8 Chuck Moultons at this convention!” Very funny. Chuck really has been all over the place this weekend.

The third nomination was for M Carling, whom I don’t know a thing about other than the fact that his name is a single consanant. This troubles me for some weird reason.

His first speaker was a woman named Ruth. I missed most of Ruth’s speech as I had an issue to deal with. His second speaker was, I believe, Richard Burke. Richard pointed out M’s success as a businessman, which I like, and that in the event that Bill Redpath would not be able to finish out his term, M would be an excellent man to take his place as Chair. Let me first point out that the votes have not been tabulated for Chair, which goes to show how favored Bill is.

M was then introduced and pointed out that he has contributed over $100,000 to the LP cause and works 40 hours a week in support of it.

I really would like to see Chuck win, but I agree that M would be the better replacent for Chair if something happned to the Chair. On the other hand, that is not wholly a great reason to go with him.

This is a really tough call me and I really wish I had spent more time learning about this race. Ultimately, I think I am going to go with Chuck because he has worked so hard to reach out to all us normal voters and, more importantly, I strongly believe that he is on the money with his opinion about increased transparency on the LNC level. If this race was for Chair, I’d go with M, but for his ideas I am opting to vote for Chuck.

Currently, the lunch speeches have begun. Due to time constraints on my end, I will not be covering these unless something particularly interesting happens. I’m starving and have a ton of work to do helping to distribute ballots for Vice Chair.

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  1. George Phillies Says:

    “the field of web 2.0”

    For those of you who found this confusing, reference is made to
    which has been created as the liberarian counterpart to DailyKos. It’s a community owned general site. The site, based on Drupal and Civic Space, is
    now in its beta test.

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