Joe Reporting from Portland (Day 3, Part 5)

The Following Report was submitted by Joe Magyer from this weekend’s Libertarian National Convention in Portland, Oregon. Joe is covering the event for Third Party Watch and we’ll be posting his dispatches as they’re received.

DAY 3 / Part Five ————————————————————

We’re still furiously calculating the results from the At-Large and Vice-Chair races. Apparently, the last at-large seat for the LNC was so close that Bob opted to do an audit and double check the numbers.

Mike Dixon is now showing off the new LP Ballot Base Project. I’m not really comfy saying too much about it, as I’m sure the LP will say plenty about it on their site, but it looks like a great product.

We now have results for the at-large race:
Admiral Colley - 58%
Angela Keaton - 54%
Pat Dixon - 49%
Jeremy Kiel - ??
Dan Karlan - ??

Congrats to those 5! All great candidates.

I voted for 4 of those 5, so I feel like a winner.

Our Judicial Committee was just anointed. No time to add the names.

I’ve spent the last 45 minutes furiously entering data. We now have officially entered all the data for the Platform Ballots. Things are getting kind of hairy up here. We’ve got amendments piling on top of amendments. I wasn’t aware of it, but I spoke to Nick Sarwark a few minutes ago and he informed me that the delegation rejected a resolution supporting the impeachment of George W. Bush and Richard Cheney. It is his impression that it was a very close vote.

The leader of the California delegation just motioned to adjourn the entire convention, which seems crazy to me since it is only 3:52 and we will have a great deal of work to do today! Not sure if he needs to catch a flight or what, but I really don’t understand his rationale.

There is now a motion on the floor to decrease the number of convention delegates for 2008. It passed. One can’t help but wonder if the CA delegation had issues with this and that is why they wanted to leave.

The motion passed and, as such, we will have a decrease in delegates in 2008.
The platform ballots have been counted, furiously so, and have now been shown to the convention floor. The floor is shocked to find what we’ve known since yesterday morning, which is that most of the planks will be removed. They seem pretty shocked, but I’m not sure why. Last night, Bob announced that 58 of the 62 planks from the 2004 convention failed and we ended up with the same amount in absolute terms. This does NOT effect the platform adjustments from yesterday. I do not have in front of me what the exact terms are, but I believe our platform will be decreasing from 62 to approximately 22 planks. The four planks that were not defeated were The War on Drugs, The Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Freedom of Religion, and Freedom of Communication.

Currently, Dixon has a person from the platform committee on state who is going through the total planks that remain. There is too much for me to swallow and get on screen.

In other news, I somehow missed the announcement that Chuck Moulton defeated M Carling for the Vice Chair’s seat.

Wow, now the same CA guy who wanted to end the convention is proposing that we remove all the planks from the platform, save the Statement of Principles. Wow. Motion Fails.

Motion to adjourn is brought to the floor.

Motion passes.


13 Responses to “Joe Reporting from Portland (Day 3, Part 5)”

  1. NewFederalist Says:

    With the vote on the platform Carl Milstead and the LRC must be feeling pretty happy! I thought after losing out on the pledge issue the LRC was not going to fare very well. Perhaps real reform IS possible.

  2. Mike Kole Says:

    The blogging has been outstanding, Joe. A real excellent service you and Third Party Watch have provided. Thanks

  3. Trevor Southerland Says:

    I must say, for a first time convention-goer, my buddy Magyer has done an awesome job…

    And Austin - to all who knock you, your web site just provided the best wall to wall convention coverage of the Libertarian National Convention… thanks to those of us who stayed home.

  4. Joe Magyer Says:

    Thanks, Mike. Seriously, all the positive encouragement has been a real boost. Even though the convention is over, there is still some really interesting shit to share. I’ll share more on that later. Seriously, really interesting stuff.

  5. Tim West Says:

    Thanks to you Joe and to Austin. A great service. Maybe for 2008 we can get a video feed out independant of cspan.

  6. Tim West Says:

    Thanks to you Joe and to Austin. A great service. Maybe for 2008 we can get a video feed out independant of cspan.

    Federalist: we also elected a LRC’er to Vice Chair! :) Congrats to Chuck Moulton.

  7. Thomas L. Knapp Says:

    Joe (and Austin),

    Just wanted to add my thanks for the convention coverage. Not having C-Span there was a real handicap to those of us who didn’t go but wanted to keep up with events, and Third Party Watch closed the gap big-time.

    Tom Knapp

  8. Stuart Richards Says:

    Yeah, Joe and Austin really came through on this one. You both rule!

  9. NewFederalist Says:

    Tim West- Yes, I saw that Chuck Moulton is now the Vice Chair. I also read the the LP blog and how some folks see this as the end of the LP as a principled political party. Geez, the Prohibition Party has been saying “I would rather be right than president” for 137 years now. I just cannot believe that is the kind of meaninglessness the LP supporters really want.

  10. joe average Says:

    looks like a lot of infighting, but at least it seemed to be civil.

    the LP should have the attitude that it’s OK to fight a little amongst themselves, but always stand up for other libertarians who are attacked, no matter whether they’re pragmatists or purists.

  11. Gene Berkman Says:

    Austin and Joe,

    Thank you for covering the Libertarian convention. I did not have time to go, and nobody else has provided as much coverage.

    I am still curious to find out how the platform has changed.

  12. Jim Duensing Says:


    With the hectic schedule you had, I understand why you missed my bylaws amendment.

    It would have required that all state parties that submit a delegation to the 08 convention be filing with the FEC.

    Unfortunately, it wasn’t worded like that, for legalistic bylaws reasons, and few people understood the implications and wanted to be done.

    The motion is necessary to avoid the LPN being sued for the violation of FEC law by an affiliate. Currently if a state party spends more than $1,000 in a calendar year that “may influence a federal election” they must file with the FEC. The definition of may influence includes printing “Vote Libertarian” signs, submitting a newsletter to your members with similar sayings, or hosting a fundraising event for our Presidential candidate.

    California really doesn’t want to file. So, Aaron Starr moved to adjourn. When ruled out of order, he moved a point of order to not consider the motion. It carried by a 2/3rds vote, largely because everytone thought we could now adjourn, though their is substantial reluctance to do what is necessary on this issue.

    Thanks again Joe for all the work you did and for keeping everyone not in Portland updated.

    Jim Duensing
    State Chair of Nevada

  13. George Phillies Says:

    Massachusetts has been filing with the FEC for many years. It’s not very complicated, so long as you do something not too complex, and their software is largely self-checking.

    In our case, we funnel most of our money trhough the Federal Accounts because the alternative state-equivalent OCPF account is much more restrictive on what can be received.

    In my experience in reporting on LP activities, it is in my opinion most often the case that when people oppose filing with the FEC they do not want their spending to be on the record. However, there are other people and other reasons.

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