Joe Reporting from Portland (Day 3, Part 4)

The Following Report was submitted by Joe Magyer from this weekend’s Libertarian National Convention in Portland, Oregon. Joe is covering the event for Third Party Watch and we’ll be posting his dispatches as they’re received.

DAY 3 / Part Four ————————————————————

The nominations for the LNC seats have just begun, while at the same time we’re tabulating the votes for Vice-Chair and Treasurer.

Jeremy Kiel has just been nominated by Mark Rutherford and Jim Lark. I’ve spoken to Jermey several times this weekend and he will absolutely be getting my support.

Deryl Martin was then nominated by Treasurer hopeful Geoff Neal. He was then endorsed by a woman who everyone but me seems to know, she didn’t announce her name… so I’m clueless.

Next up was Angela Keaton, who I believe I mentioned earlier. She was introduced by Barry from AZ, who once again delivered a great speech. The Chair of SC then seconded Angela’s nomination.

The fourth entrant was for Admiral Michael Colley. He is not in attendance, but was supported by Dr. Lark. I’ve heard that he has done a great job taking on special projects for the HQ, including helping to upgrade our office space while at the same time trimming costs. I mean, for God’s sake, he was the commander of the US Pacific submarine fleet. That is one hell of a credential.

M Carling then stepped up and strongly urged us all to cast a vote for the Admiral. Then, for the first time in all of this convention, Mike Dixon came out in support of the Admiral.

Pat Dixon, Chair of Texas, was then supported by Jim Lark. This has been a very strong field of candidates. I would be happy to have any of these people represent me on the LNC. Pat is one of our relatively few elected officials and has led Texas to run an incredible 172 (wow!) candidates this year. He was followed by a nice lady whom I’ve spoken to this weekend, but I don’t recall her name. Pat then received an endorsement by Michael Badnarik, who openly said that he did not want to throw his name around in the nomiations this weekend, but he deeply believed that Pat should be on the LNC. Pat is a strong candidate.

The next name was Morrie Strauss. I apologize if I blundered the spelling on Morrie’s name. I met him earlier at the Free State booth and he seemed like a decent enough guy. Angela and StarChild supported Morrie for the position, emphasizing his willingness to go the extra mile and all his work on the Free State Project. Fresh blood.

Geoff Neal then stepped up and nominated Dan Karlan. I’ve worked with Dan all weekend up here at the desk and I can tell you that he is a hard worker, sharp, dedicated man. He certainly is an asset to the party. Geoff was followed by Deryl, whose name I am also concerned I am butchering.

The nominating session for the at-large LNC spots are over.

This just in: Geoff Neal has taken 68% of the Treasurer’s race, while incumbent Mark Nelson pulled in just 28%. NOTA polled 4%.

M Carling has now been also added to the nominations list for the at-large bids. I am so slammed it is not funny.

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