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Tim West’s New Platform Reform Video

This weekend’s convention in Portland promises to be a pivotal battle for the LP Reformers. Along those lines, Tim West has just posted a new video that argues in favor of reforming the Libertarian Platform into something that candidates can more easily run and win with.

The Video’s Description: Just one example of how our current platform undermines our candidates. Good issues (Patriot Act, Drug War) mixed with bad ones (end all taxation, welcome all refugees) = no sale.

Any thoughts?

6 Responses to “Tim West’s New Platform Reform Video”

  1. joe average Says:

    clearly for internal LP use.. but it does make its point.

  2. Hammer of Truth » The Latest Tim West Video Says:

    [...] Props. [...]

  3. Donald Raymond Lake Says:

    The open borders ‘thing’ (hey, I don’t see any dotted lines on the land scape from outer space…) kills the Libs (of whom with I have great philosophical affection….) from any serious inroads.

    1800, prior to Libertarian icon Thomas Jefferson’s Louisianna Purchase, was a Libertarian year.

    If personal Jet Helicopters, Self standing Geodestic Domes/ A-Frames, Personal sun or wind or geothermal power, personal water and sewage, jobs via telephonic connections are ‘on line’ by 2100, the winter of Libertarian discontent will give way. Until then, it is difficult to take the party line seriously in the 1900 and 2000 ‘real world’!

  4. Gene Berkman Says:

    The obvious question for “reformers” - how do you deal with the question of taxation.

    Libertarians existed before the Libertarian Party, and people in the media will know that Libertarians oppose taxes. I certainly think such opposition can be expressed in “reasonable” incremental terms, but it is unlikely that you will get many libertarians interested in a party that advocates particular taxes.

    My preferred pragmatic approach would be to eliminate the national Libertarian Party, and let the Libertarian Parties in the various states adopt platforms and create organizations. If more pragmatic Libertarians are more successful in some states, this will become known to the purists in the other states - and vice versa.

    And, pragmatically, it does not matter how much we mess with the platform, to make it more moderate. People who might vote third party for state legislator or even Congress will not “waste” their vote on a third party candidate for President. People see the stakes as being too high, even if we don’t see much difference between Bush and Kerry for example.

  5. Donald Raymond Lake Says:

    Even if (Kerry as George W. semi clone including Yalie with Skull and Bones connections), Bush 43 is not even a classical conservative? As a true semi fascist Neocon, George W. is merely a modern Texas LBJ clone!

    Record debts —-both! Gulf military adventures (LBJ = South East Asia!) Mars Mission (LBJ = Lunar shots!) Messing with Social Security (LBJ’s Great Society!) Arogant, Know It All (but Failed!) Secretaries of Defense, like Rumsfled (LBJ = Robert MacNamera!)

    I have little use for the Democans or the Republicrats, but I do not have the map concerning the Golden Road of victory over corrupt inside establishment types. Best wishes! 2006, kick shins! 2008, kick butt!

  6. Tim West Says:


    I’ll have a new video out soon showing Bush and LBJ.

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