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Joe Reporting from Portland (Day 2, Part 2)

The Following Report was submitted by Joe Magyer from this weekend’s Libertarian National Convention in Portland, Oregon. Joe is covering the event for Third Party Watch and we’ll be posting his dispatches as they’re received.

DAY 2 / Part Two ————————————————————

Whew! I have been slammed up here tallying votes for the Platform Ballot. I actually had to swap out laptops because the macro Bob created for this process does not function with Open Office. I think Bob has done a great job with all this, btw.

Currently, Mark Nelson is wrapping up his address to the delegation.

Nelson could not get off easily, however, as he was grilled at the end of speech from a delegate about the $50 dues policy, but, for whatever reason, this question was not answered by Nelson. I assume it is because the question wasn’t in line with convention protocol, but I frankly have no idea. I don’t know how anyone who is new to this sort of process could have a clue of what all the motions are about.

Anyhow, I need to get back to administrative bliss!

Dixon just announced that the LP received a $25,000 check from a member who was not able to attend. He also announced that there will be a viewing of Aaron Russo’s new film, “From Freedom to Fascism”, in the ballroom tonight at 8 PM.

Following this update, Dixon introduced Dan Karlan, who started talking about convention laws that made my eyes cross. Dan spoke on other subjects, as well, but I was too busy to catch what he was saying.

Dixon came back up and is seemingly about to announce a number of guys, including LRC leader Carl Milsted, who will be speaking on the subject of the bylaws or platform.

A motion was presented to amend the bylaws such that the highly unpopular No-Roll-Call vote at the National Executive Committee level would be far more difficult to be done. This motion was resoundingly supported, including by yours truly. I love me some disclosure.

I’m sorry, I have to catch up with admin for a while…

3 Responses to “Joe Reporting from Portland (Day 2, Part 2)”

  1. Alexander Strickle Says:

    Thank you for keeping us who couldn’t be there this weekend in the loop!

  2. Hammer of Truth » Libertarian Party Convention Recap (Saturday) Says:

    [...] Austin Cassidy’s Third Party Watch has someone taking very good notes, as there’s a 5-part series detailing what Joe Magyer’s impressions of the LP Convention in Portland (part one, two, three, four, five): Oh, snap, Carl Milsted just took the podium. I reaffirm my belief that he looks like Mick Jagger. He gave a brief speech supporting adjusting the bylaws to make the tent for the LP a bit larger. This short speech was followed by lively discussion from both camps. Literally, there are more people lined up to speak on this issue than any other. [...]

  3. BarbaraHGordon Says:

    Joe, how about posting a picture of you? I was there and probably saw you running about and did not know who you were. There were a lot of you twentys, thirtys and fortys running about. This was my second convention, but I still found some of the debate somewhat confusing. I still do not know which planks were deleted from the platform. Someone from HoT gave a heads up that you are giving good coverage so i poped over here…my first time on your site. btw, folks who did not attend, Joe is telling like it is!

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