Joe Reporting from Portland (Day 1, Part 3)

The Following Report was submitted by Joe Magyer from this weekend’s Libertarian National Convention in Portland, Oregon. Joe is covering the event for Third Party Watch and we’ll be posting his dispatches as they’re received.

DAY 1 / Part Three ————————————————————

Success! I found a terribly overpriced bar downstairs and helped myself to a 16 oz. draft Fat Tire. My thoughts: I like it, but I don’t see why it is so famous. I mean, I’m sorry, I’d love to tell you “WHOA, Fat Tire is the greatest beer ever!” But, I can’t. It was good, don’t get me wrong, but not amazing. Of course, I’ll still drink plenty more over the weekend.

After my beer, I come back up to Mark’s table so that he can go get some goods he’s hoping so sell. Mark has some witty shirts, bumper stickers, etc., that will probably sell exceptionally well this weekend. I note that on my cavernously empty stomach my large Fat Tire has given me a bit of a buzz. Yowsa.

Demographics; not surprisingly, the room is full of middle aged white men. I’d ballpark it at 75% white male. I just saw a cross dresser. Not sure what group to count him/her under. I am somewhat surprised to see as many young people as I have thus far. I’ve actually seen plenty of young twentysomethings, which is great. Sometimes I feel like the only 24 year old on earth who thinks a progressive tax structure is morally wrong.

One particularly interesting aspect of the convention that is new to me is that the concept of LPers competing with one another for party positions. I guess I’m just so used to LPers all working together against, well, everyone, that in-party competition is foreign to me. I’m curious to see just how clean, or dirty, these events turn out to be. I’d like to talk to as many of the candidates as possible tonight, as I really would like to put a good deal of thought into who I vote for.

As best I can tell, the only person I’ve seen who is running around as much as I am is Stephen Gordon. Stephen is all over the place. He was having a beer. He was in a meeting. He has a walkie talkie. Only very important, busy people use walkie talkies.

The Oregon LP seems to be doing a great job of funneling all the delegates and providing them their materials. Nice work, OR LP!

I’ve been bouncing around the lobby a good bit and have spoken to a number of nice folks. I just met Megan Dickson, the 13 year old young lady who will be addressing the convention this weekend. She told me that she will be talking about general libertarian principles in her speech. She also informed me that while her Dad is a member of the LP, they are still working on swinging Mother Dickson to the Libertarian cause. I have faith they will. Especially since Mom Disckson just bought a shirt from Mark. Mark seems to be selling a good bit of stuff, btw.

I’ve tried to work my way over to talking to Chuck Moulton, candidate for Vice Chair, but he is in a continuous state of networking.

Speaking of networking, Badnarik is back in the lobby and working the crowd.

I spoke to Carl and Brandon, the gents from the Libertarian Reform Caucus, and they seemed to be very down to earth chaps. In advance of meeting the folks with the LRC, I wasn’t sure if they would turn out to be crazed rogues, but they are just everyday people. Well, I say that. Carl is actually a PhD, so I suppose he isn’t just everyday people, but both he and his wife seem like very nice people. Again, I’ll be intrigued to see how things go tomorrow.

Remember that girl I said who had a bowl on her on the street? Yeah, she is a convention goer. Should have seen that one coming, eh?

It looks like they are about to start admitting people to the opening reception. I look forward to getting in there and scoring some food and, God willing, more Fat Tire. Unfortunately, all the vendors’ tables are outside the ballroom, so I suppose that will put a damper on the sales of Mark’s wares. That’s okay, though, as I expect there will be a good bit of business to be had before it is all said and done.

End - Friday @ 9 PM

I’ll pick back up in the morning with an inclusion featuring tonight’s events!

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  1. The Hambone Says:

    SO glad someone is providing coverage! C-Span isn’t showing anything.

    Keep up the good work Joe and Austin!

  2. BarbaraHGordon Says:

    Joe wrote:
    As best I can tell, the only person I’ve seen who is running around as much as I am is Stephen Gordon. Stephen is all over the place. He was having a beer. He was in a meeting…

    Those of us who know Stephen will tell you this is typical behavior.

    You could say the same for Chuck Moulton. He would have caught my attention even if I had not been looking for him due to his advance mailing. He was everywhere.

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