LP National Convention Coverage

As most of you are aware, this weekend the Libertarian Party’s national convention will be held in Portland, Oregon.

Providing coverage of the event for Third Party Watch will be Joe Magyer, a volunteer and delegate from Georgia. If things go as planned he’ll be sending in nightly reports on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of his experiences at the convention. Pictures are possible, but no guarantees on that just yet.

Joe also operates his own (excellent) blog called The American Politic which is definitely worth checking out on a regular basis.

While Joe’s nightly dispatches will comprise the bulk of our coverage, if there are any readers who will be in Portland… please feel free to send news items and photos as well. (As always, my address is: [email protected])

If you want to keep up with the agenda or find out any other pre-convention information, check out the official website at: LPConvention.org

7 Responses to “LP National Convention Coverage”

  1. Jason Pye Says:

    Have fun Joe!

  2. mark san souci Says:

    Thanks for the coverage, Austin. I will be there also, and if there is anything to contribute beyond Joe’s reports, I’ll let you know!

  3. Tim West Says:

    I cant figure out if the lack of news from Portland is good or bad for reform efforts.

  4. Joe Magyer Says:

    Hey All,

    I just sent Austin my first piece. I’m probably going to send in reports once or twice a day, usually later in the day (Pacific Time). Hope you all enjoy!


  5. Austin Cassidy Says:

    All of the Friday dispatches are now up on the site and I think Joe is doing a helluva an awesome job giving us a perspective from on the ground in Portland. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow and the next day. :)

  6. Tim West Says:

    me as well. :) thanks Joe and Austin for giving me a window into events.

  7. Stuart Richards Says:

    Yeah, you’re doing a great job Joe.

    Hopefully next time HoT can have a guy on the ground who is authorized to talk about everything. Gordon’s working his ass off for the party but he’s understandably restricted in what he can say.

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