Tuesday’s Candidate: Gerald Sanders


Gerald Sanders, the Peace and Freedom Party’s candidate for California Treasurer.

He’s a former public school teacher and socialist activist. Ten years ago, Sanders came quite close to winning a seat on the Oakland School Board:

In 1996 Gerald Sanders was approached by some Oakland teachers who wanted a pro-teacher and pro-parent candidate to run for school board. The corruption and incompetence of the Oakland school board had become legend, and community support for the Gerald Sanders for Board of Education campaign was strong. The election was held during a teacher strike. They had as many as 100 volunteers out campaigning on one day, but essentially no money, so despite the strong effort Gerald was held to 46.4% of the vote. Gerald later ran for Congress in 1998 as a Peace and Freedom Party candidate.

Some of the items on his platform include doubling the minimum wage, cutting work weeks to 30-hours, guaranteed universal employment, and a guaranteed universal wage for all.

The website: http://www.geraldsanders.org

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  1. Chris Campbell Says:

    Nothing like backing failed systems and un-AMerican views. Only in CA, rest of the nation….I hear a fizzle.

    Their site is a compilation of failed world views on the ash heap of history.

  2. Thomas L. Knapp Says:

    How much power does the state treasurer have when it comes to “doubling the minimum wage, cutting work weeks to 30-hours, guaranteed universal employment, and a guaranteed universal wage for all?”

    And how, precisely, is he up against Jerry Brown, who is running for a different office entirely (Attorney General)?

    Tom Knapp

  3. Austin Cassidy Says:


    Ahh, good catch. This was originally supposed to be for Jack Harrison… the PFP candidate for Attorney General, but then I remembered I’d already done him. Forgot to remove the mention of Jerry Brown though. :)


  4. Donald Raymond Lake Says:

    As a decades long PFPer, a disabled adult abused by corrupt partisan zealot c. t. weber for YEARS, I know of only one thing possitive about the long lasting Peace and Freedom Party (circa 1967), aside that those folks are not Democrats or GOP: the “Socialists/ Feminists/ Radicals” shock value.

    At least the party affiliation brings attention and notariety. Other than that the (no pun intended) ultra conservative attitude(s) and action(s) of the aged hippies whom stifle and stall any kind of relevance, much less any ‘presence’ east of the Colorado River, are either pot smoked addled or out right dying off by the month.

    Like San Francisco’s “Mother Jones” Magazine, Oakland based Peace and Freedom Party, just grows more and more dusty and unnecessary to the Progressive ground swell occuring to all corners of the political land scape.

    My first unhappiness with a party of whom I have never voted for their Presidential standard bearer (instead: Perot, Perot, Nader, Nader) was the lack of hook up with other Socialist/ Feminist/ Radical/ Liberal/ Populist/ Progressive anti establishment groups. Hmmmm, a one state NATIONAL political party. Like I said, the attention factor is at least present in local and state politics.

    One convicted federal felon after another for President. (Some times while dissing viable Icons like Nader!) It is not unlawful to be stupid, but it is not very smart! I fully understand that the courts are merely another branch and layer of corrupt government, but this is a bland publicity stunt which has been done better (previously)! (WWI and FBI critic Eugene Debbs garnished over 1M votes for POTUS while in prison in 1920!)

    One reason I stayed with PFP is that once my unhappiness with my former employer, the archiac and corrupt University of California, was publically known, and THAT set of ‘bad guys’ openly embarassed, I was promised FOR YEARS (fascist liar c. t. weber again, he of the ‘flexible’ memory) that CALVETS and othe failed (read: Lethal!) veterans programs would be exposed.

    I tell ya, PFP and Libs and Greens don’t even seem to know that military veterans exist. And here we are in Viet Nam II and the PFP is dying the vine while expensive military adventures rage on the other side of the world! (Sound familiar, fellow Baby Boommers?) This is a very important analysis! If the PFP is tettering while LBJ style situations (1967 again) exist in the world, the end can not be far behind.

    In fact, 2006 does mark a death event of PFP! Fake reformer Adolph Schwarzennegger had his hand picked elections official kill off PFP in February. While c. t. weber and Janice Jordan slept through the assignation attempt, Dems, Greens, www.ballot-access.com guru (Libertarian) Richard Winger, reformers and true (Decline To State) Independents saved the PFP with a knee jerk chorus of outrage. Check PFP and see what LITTLE credit that they give others for their 21st Century salvation.

    These creeps are not Democans or Republicrats, but they sure are their own worst enemies…...

  5. Kevin Akin Says:

    Thanks for featuring Gerald Sanders, a hard worker and a sharp thinker. After reading some of the comments, I think I should comment on the commentators.

    The first fellow obviously would reject anyone on the Left, and can’t be taken seriously.

    The second comment asks a good question about how much power the State Treasurer has to carry out some of the things Gerald favors. The answer is two-fold: First, the State Treasurer has considerably more power than most Californians understand, and is a key figure on the bodies that make decisions about state investments, and a number of other state financial matters. Second, all candidates for State Treasurer put forward their parties’ financial programs, so the inability of the office-holder to (for example) personally raise taxes on the richest Californians and their corporations is noit particularly relevant. The candidate for Treasurer puts forward the Party’s position, and if our slate were to win we would be able to accomplish quite a bit toward that goal. Compare this to the campaign of one person for Congress - one member of Congress cannot pass a bill, but we take seriously the positions of the candidates because all the members collectively exercise enormous powers (should they choose to do so).

    And as for Don Lake - I am sorry, but this fellow obviously has some problems that are not responsive to logical argument. Most of his statements are false, and in particular his outrageous references to CT Weber (a Peace and Freedom Party candidate for State Senate in this election) are completely senseless. CT Weber is a good guy, as just about everybody knows, and of course he is not and has never been a “fascist” or any of those other nonsense accusations from Don Lake. As for the problems of veterans, some of our candidates are personally involved in helping veterans, and some are themselves veterans. If you go to Gerald Sanders websidte, you will see a button to click for information on the 2006 campaign, and that will take you to all our candidates’ websites. Most have short biographical statements, and if you read them you will find that several were in the army, marines, etc.

    We are all working hard to stop the production of more disabled veterans as the bi-partisan warhawks in Washington drag us into war after war. The Peace and Freedom Party is the only ballot-status party in California that has opposed each and every military adventure the US has entered into since 1968. -Kevin Akin

  6. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Says:

    Don Lake is a KCMO Air Force veteran. c.t.weber is a KCMO Navy veteran.

    So Kevin Akin thinks that it is being a ‘good guy’ to out right lie to folks for over a decade? The c.t.weber former friend at UC San Diego (Byron Morton) whom talked Lake in to regestering PFP will not even talk to any one with PFP, especially c.t.weber! And Byron will go to his grave as a non PFP member!

    If c.t.weber and PFP are so wonderful why are folks like Phil Sawyer turning ‘Green’ with discust? And San Diego County’s (Encinitas) Marion Clarke? Why has the Partisan (print monthly) and the in house web site refused to thank others for saving the party in February?

    Again, in San Diego County, in Sacramento County, and across the state, his immoral actions and slippery memory have burned many a personal bridge! The last thing PFP is—-is an example of virtue. At times, they make the Dems and GOP look good, as is well known through out the Left Coast!

    Using the word ‘fascist’ to denote ultra conservative (as in ‘stuck in the past’) methods and attitudes of an intra party governance, is very appropriate. So many of the old PFP guard act like it is still 1969!

    Why, Kevin, why, inquiring minds want to know….....

  7. Kevin Akin Says:

    One problem with a site like this is that delusional or malicious people can post falsehoods without any restraint. So again, I will respond.

    Anyone who has read the widely-distributed missives of Phil Sawyer knows that he registered out of the Peace and Freedom Party without having any idea how the Party functions or who leads it. His ideas on this are almost as confused as Don Lake’s. Phil was not actually involved in the Party, just a registered voter rather than an activist. As for Miriam Clark of Encinitas, Don Lake is typically misinformed in regard to her. She is a leader of the Party, and is running as the Peace and Freedom Party nominee for Congress in the 50th District. She has certainly not left the Party. Check out her website, and you will see that she is running an active campaign.

    It is hard to respond to Don’s fantasies about CT Weber, who (I repeat) is a good guy. The fantasies are short on details, or I would be able to demonstrate that they are simply false.

    And speaking of fantasies, the notion that others saved the Peace and Freedom Party when the Secretary of State tried to take it off the ballot, while the Party leadership just stood by, is purely a Don Lake fantasy. As State Chair of the Peace and Freedom Party I coordinated the response, and I know exactly who did what. We had some very useful help from several people in other parties, and this help has been acknowledged fully, but the basic response and most of the work came from the state leadership and Sacramento County leadership of the Peace and Freedom Party.

    Fascist is a word with an actual meaning, and that meaning is not “stuck in the past.” A fascist is someone who supports the “open terroristic rule of the most reactionary sections of finance capital.” That is Dimitrov’s definition, and I haven’t been able to find a better one. There are fascists in this country, and some of them are in high positions. None are in the Peace and Freedom Party, which has been fighting all tendencies toward fascism since its foundation in 1967.

    Again, I urge readers to go to the Peace and Freedom Party campaign website at www.peaceandfreedom2006.org and look up the actual information about our candidates for office and our platform. If you are a California, you will probably end up voting for some of us in November. Thanks! -Kevin Akin

  8. Chris Says:

    “Citizens” states it well, a Party that is still clinging to failed ideologies. Nothing that I could see it the Peace party is remotely an American view of life, liberty and history (except, perhaps Russia 1917-on)

    Do not know how “peace” is achieved by being openly baby-murder (ie, abortion)

    No, we can just pity these un-Americans and ignore them.

  9. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Says:

    Don Lake is short on details on 16 years of ostification by weber? Gee, I went back as far as 1992. I can recall hours of abuse if Kevin wishes to call me at 619.420.0209. Marion Clarke, did she end up on the ballot on June 6th? If she is still a nominal PFPer, she is in unhappy ‘reformist mode’ and spent over half an hour (JUST THIS YEAR) sounding just like Byron Morton and Philip Sawyer.
    Kevin, you deny that non PFPers (including John Coffey, Tish Firmiss, and Lake, some Dems, some Greens, LIBERTARIAN giant Richard Winger of Ballot Access News) have never ever been recognized, much less thanked. As Lake predicted in February, June 6th has come and gone with the boring, half truthed official party web site being up dated.
    These Non PFPers and their massive knee jerk party saving voice mail and email tsunami to officials, other politicos and media are the real reason that fake reformer Adolph Schwarzenegger backed down.
    And Kevin, just as Don Lake had predicted in March, the telephone booth of P&F sees not the world out side of their own shoe box.
    The ancestrial home of the conservative, living in the past, same old - same old Peace and Freedom Party: Egypt, right in the middle of Denial!
    You guys are (and have been for years) much more interested in South Africa that South LA or South East San Diego!
    Peace and Freedom’s ethical answer to Patrick and Bay Buchanan, c. t. weber as any thing but an aged ideolog and political opportunist and anti humanist? Get real!

  10. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Says:

    Even in their own back yard, tired, old school, myoptic Peace and Freedom Party is not a relavant force: (don’t take Don Lake’s word for it, I did not write the following article…..)

    Oakland Post:


    Weekly Edition May 31 - June 6, 2006 42nd Year #46

    by Chauncey Bailey

    A growing number of California voters are now registered as “independents” and are
    increasingly fed up with the major political parties.

    A San Francisco-based organization, the Committee for an Independent Voice, has been
    working to channel this new and growing political force.

    The Post interviewed Harriet Hoffman, its statewide coordinator.

    Post: What is CIV?
    Hoffman: The Committee for an Independent Voice (CIV) represents unaffiliated
    independent voters in California, working to gain greater recognition and political clout for
    independents and their issues. CIV supports issues and campaigns at the state and
    national level designed to increase the visibility and power of the independent voter - now
    the fastest growing political force in America.

    In 2004, CIV played a key role in bringing out the independent vote in support of the open
    primary initiative (Prop 62). In 2005, CIV played a similar role in the coalition to pass
    redistricting reform (Prop 77). In 2006 CIV, in collaboration with The People’s Advocate,
    TheRestOfUs.org, and the Mexican American Political Association, introduced a new
    redistricting reform initiative proposal.
    CIV conducts grassroots outreach through telephone surveys of unaffiliated independents
    throughout California.

    Post: Who is CIV Affiliated with?
    Hoffman: CIV Grows out of a 25-year old effort by independents to develop a non-
    ideological political movement to reform the two party controlled election process, so
    ordinary voters can impact on issues of public policy. CIV is affiliated withthe Committee for
    a Unified Independent Party, a New York City-based non-profit, non-ideological think tank
    for the independent movement, and with dozens of other organizations of independent
    voters across the country, including Independent Texans, Alabama Independent movement,
    Coalition of Independent Voters-Massachusetts, and Independent Pennsylvanians.

    Post: Why is this independent movement growing?
    Hoffman: Independent voters are the fastest growing political force in the country. Millions
    of voters are becoming independents to get away from the extreme partisanship and
    political corruption. Some 34% of all Americans now self-identify as independents,
    regardless of voter registration; 32% identify as Republicans; and 31% as Democrats.

    Ninety-one percent of the growth in the California electorate in the last ten years has been
    voters registering outside the two major parties. In a single 6-month period prior to the
    2004 election, a half million California voters registered as “decline-to-state”. (“Decline to
    state” is the designation given to California voters who choose not to register in a political
    party. In some other states they are referred to as “blanks”.) Nearly three nmillion
    California voters are now registered “decline to state.” Millions more identify as
    independents, regardless of voter registration.

    In 1994, Democrats had 49% of voter registration in California. Now it is 42.7%. There are
    now 200,000 fewer Democrats than in 1994, even though there are 1.5 million more
    registered voters in California. The Republican Party share of voters in California has
    decreased from 37.1% in 1994 to 34.6%.

    Decline to state registration has grown from 10.3% of the electorate in 1994 to 18.3% of the
    electorate in 2006.

    Post: Who are Independents?
    Hoffman: Independents are not a uniform body. As individuals, we subscribe to diverse
    views across the political spectrum - left, center and right. Whatever those differences,
    independents are united in the realization that if we want to move forward as a country,, we
    have to do something about partisanship and the domination of the political process by the
    two major parties and the special interests.

    Post: How does CIV Make Endorsements?
    Hoffman: The Committee for an Independent Voice endorses candidates for political office
    - Democrats, Republicans, and Independents - who exemplify a commitment to an open,
    inclusive, non-partisan political process.

    Ideological issues play no role in any endorsements. As individual independents we have a
    broad range of opinions on many hot button issues across the political spectrum. However,
    it is we who are the engine for political reform. Independent voters cannot be dismissed as
    “swing” voters. We have the opportunity to leverage our growing numbers to vote for
    candidates who are partnering with independents in support of opening up the political
    process. CIV has endorsed Ronald V. Dellums for Mayor of Oakland, but has not yet made
    endorsements in the California statewide races.

    Post: Who are some of the leaders in your organization?
    Hoffman: Jim Mangia is a statewide Co-Chair and spokesperson for the California-based
    Committee for an Independent Voice. A founder of the Reform Party, he served as its
    national secretary for three consecutive terms. Mangia is CEO of St. John’s Well Child &
    Family Center, a network of community and school-based health clinics in Los Angeles. I
    serve as CIV’s Statewide Coordinator. I’m a 25-year veteran of national efforts to reform
    the political process and have built and led independent campaigns and organizing efforts
    in New York City, Oregon, Washington State and California. Dr. Elouise Joseph, CIV
    spokesperson, is an Africa-American activist and Director of Youth Programs for the
    Oakland-based Bay Area Center for Independent Culture.

    Editors Note: For more information go to www.civca.org or write to CIV, 870 Market Street,
    Suite 1019, San Francisco, CA 94102, (415) 393-9970.

  11. Thomas L. Knapp Says:


    Thanks for the informative and enlightening replies, not only to myself, but regarding other matters.

    Tom Knapp

    P.S. Thank (insert preferred deity here) for Richard Winger. While he is a Libertarian on the partisan level (and we’re glad to have him!) every “third” party has benefited immensely from his work on ballot access issues.

  12. Phil Sawyer Says:

    It is of great concern for me to observe the continuing feud between Don Lake (on one hand) with C.T. Weber, Norma Harrison, and others (on the other hand). C.T. is a personal friend of mine; I know him to be a very good person. Don and Norma are people whom I do not know personally but I always enjoy reading their very colorful commentaries about the Peace and Freedom Party (in particular) and politics (in general).

    The Peace and Freedom Party is not the only Party (obviously) with these sorts of debates and factions. In addition to being a newly enrolled member of the Green Party of the United States, I am also a member of the Socialist Party USA. We have our share of colorful debates and discussions there, too - let me assure you!

    The bottom line, though, is that there are too few of us third party activists as it is. We all need to stand united around the many things that we can agree on or we may all “hang separately.”

  13. Donald Raymond Lake Says:

    Ask me no questions and I will tell you no lies.

    I stand behind every thing I have said about c. t. weber.

    And if you want ‘dysfunction’———look at the reformers (as the splinter group virus spreads to Constitution Party, VETSparty, and some Green States)!

    ‘Stand United’ is that ‘code’ for keeping your mouth shut when you see lies about items you have laboruously taken the time to detail and examine? The Dems and the GOP surely want us to ‘stand united’ (oh, my bad, ‘Stay The Course’) when they lie, cheat, and steal!

    How is not telling a first hand, emperical knowledge of the truth, furthering human progress?

  14. Phil Sawyer Says:

    My take on the phrase “stand united” would be for everyone to put his or her “best foot forward” - as my dear departed father used to say. I have not forgotten “the face of my father” (credits to Steven King’s “The Dark Tower” series there).

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