Former Mayor Considers Independent Bid

Looks like we may be able to add another name to the growing list of highly credible independent candidates for governor this year.

From the Lawrence Journal-World...

Former Wichita Mayor Bob Knight said he is considering running for governor as an independent candidate.

Knight, who ran as a Republican for governor in 2002 but lost to Tim Shallenburger in the primary, said Saturday that a group of people, whom he refused to identify, had asked him to consider an independent run.

He said his supporters will circulate petitions that could place his name on the November ballot. They would have to gather signatures from more than 5,000 registered voters by the end of July to get Knight’s name on the ballot.

By running as an independent, Knight would avoid a crowded Republican primary. Seven Republicans are running for the right to challenge Democrat Gov. Kathleen Sebelius in November. Libertarian and Reform party candidates also will run for governor.

Knight said he initially told the supporters he wasn’t interested, but his dissatisfaction with both major political parties made him reconsider.

“I’ve allowed them to test whether or not there are other people in Kansas who are as frustrated as I am with our political system today,” he said. “If there is a general frustration in the state with the federal, state and local decision-making, then I would at least think about it.”

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