I’m a Filthy Republican…

I’ll say it one last time for anyone who missed it the first 10 times. I am a registered Republican voter. I registered to vote in 1999 and went with the Republican designation so I could vote in the 2000 Presidential primary.

I voted for McCain. In November, I voted for Harry Browne.

I remain a Republican for 2 reasons. First, I believe in a big tent GOP that has room for people like me who don’t always agree with the party-line 100% of the time. There are all kinds of Republicans… from Michael Bloomberg to Rick Santorum to Ron Paul. And secondly, independents in this state cannot vote in party primaries and most elections around here are actually decided in the Republican primary.

I’m absolutely done with people questioning my motives for creating this site. We’ve been around for over a year now and I think my track record of posts speaks entirely for itself. I’m a firm believer that having more than 2 parties benefits our political process. Had I been old enough to vote in the 90’s I probably would have been a Perot supporter.

If you honestly believe I am an agent of the Republican Party and this blog exists to somehow undermine third parties then please stop visiting and commenting constantly. No one is forcing you to come back day after day…

The candidates of the day that I profile are ones I choose as I look through many dozens of campaign websites… normally I pick them because they’re particularly serious candidates with a chance of winning, or at least they’re running good races… and from time to time I pick ones that are unknown, just to give a taste and sampling of candidates running for all levels of political office. I also profile ones that are kind of wacky and comical from time to time.

I honestly wish there were more serious candidates out there. However, this is turning into a really good year. There are at least a half dozen states with highly credible third party candidates running for Governor.

I’m completely done with this nonsense, just about to the point where I’m going to require that users register in order to post comments on here… and then filter out the junk that way.

This blog has never turned a profit for me, and I have no interest in undermining any third party. Period.

12 Responses to “I’m a Filthy Republican…”

  1. Gary Odom Says:


    Don’t be so touchy. You provide a great service here. I’m sure most of the losers bitching about you profiling wacky candidates are just as wacky as the candidates they complain about or too cowardly to actually involve themselves in the process beyond making annonymous comments from the peanut gallery.

    What’s wrong with a little comic relief? Take it from this veteran of the Constitution Party: Sometimes it’s nice to see something that generates a laugh or just a smile. Hell, I’d vote for Chief Wannna Dubie over half of the Democrats and Republicans in there.

    I know what it is, actually, that you are up to. You set up this site to herd all of us third party types into a little corner of cyber space and then, when you get us all where you want us, you’re gonna alert the Illuminati to come grab us and take us to cyber security prison in Gitmo.

    To some of the paranoids out, just remember the immortal words of the Firesign Theatre: “Everything You Know is Wrong!”

    Seriously, don’t waste your time ‘splainin’. It’s really not necessary.

  2. KenH Says:

    Thanks for all of your work on this site, Austin. Don’t pay attention to the naysayers. 8-)

  3. Khatores Says:

    I know some real-life “Republican operatives” and you’re definitely not one of them. Keep up the good work. :)

    Your post today reminds me of “Get Back” by Ludacris - http://www.lyrics007.com/Ludacris%20Lyrics/Get%20Back%20Lyrics.html

  4. Rick VanWie Says:

    Dear Austin:

    As a third party candidate, I greatly appreciate your web site. It is great to see other third pary candidates from across the country.

    Thank you for all of your hard work. I hope that you will continue to provide this valuable service.

    Rick VanWie
    Green Party Candidate for
    Colorado Secretary of State
    303-478-1009 [email protected]

  5. Jesse L Says:


    Your site is one of the very few that I visit every day. The posts are almost always interesting, informative or at least entertaining, and always well-written. Now that Ken Sain’s blog is down, this is one of my main sources of Green news.

    Thanks, and I hope you don’t get burned out any time soon!

  6. Chris Campbell Says:

    I don’t blame you, I blame the system that systematically keeps out anyone/Party without a ‘D” or “R” next to their name

  7. Gene Berkman Says:


    I look at your site everyday, and I appreciate the information on alternative politics you provide. Keep it up!

    Ron @ politics1.com is a Democrat, and Richard Winger at Ballot Access News is a Libertarian, but we all believe in opening up the system so that voters can get a real choice.

  8. joe average Says:

    except for the “fart button” ads, I love the site.

  9. joe average Says:

    keep up the good work!

  10. Thomas L. Knapp Says:


    I suppose I’ve bitched as much as any of your readers, on a particular issue and not aimed at you specifically but at Republicans in general. Sorry if that’s been part of the problem—and please, keep up your fine work on this excellent blog!

    Tom Knapp

  11. David A Spitzley Says:

    Speaking as a Green, I think your site is invaluable, and until your recent posts, I’d always assumed you were actually a member of the Constitution Party, based on the supportive tone. I have to say, if you’re attempting to undermine third parties, you’re doing a pretty poor job :)

    Thanks for all the hard work.

  12. David A Spitzley Says:

    Oh, and by the way, am I the only one who expected the body of the article to continue the title with “...You Damn Dirty Ape!” ? :)

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