Wednesday’s Candidate: Chief Wana Dubie


Chief Wana Dubie, a Libertarian candidate for Missouri State House of Representatives.

His platform focuses on Hemp legalization as the central issue, and apparently his girlfriend is currently in prison for a parole violation.

He also has links to a number of September 11th conspiracy sites and some other fringe causes… including one site that details the horrors of fluoride in our water supply, and another that explains the dangers of drinking milk.

Listening to the radio interviews on his media page is a little painful. While he certainly seems like a nice, well meaning sort of guy… it’s a lot like listening to someone ask “Towlie” from South Park questions about what he’d do as a State Representative.

The website:

35 Responses to “Wednesday’s Candidate: Chief Wana Dubie”

  1. joe average Says:

    this is why I rarely vote libertarian.

  2. will Says:

    i had no idea there were so many crazy hippies who run as libertarians, its kinda funny the 3 groups of people who are in the libertarain party are hippies, old uptight white guys and computer nerds. that being said i would vote for a lot of libs even if some of them are crazy

  3. Stuart Richards Says:

    Holy fuck, what a nutcase.

    I just wanna book him and Frodo for a cage match to the death and sell tickets. Shit, man.

  4. George Whitfield Says:

    We are a party of individualists, God bless us all.

  5. Dennis Says:

    Man, I’m surprised Space Ghost isn’t running for Governor as a Libertarian!

  6. Chris Campbell Says:

    Wow, Ok then… and people think the CP is nutty??

    Stuart Richards Says:

    I just wanna book him and Frodo for a cage match to the death and sell tickets. Shit, man.

    ...good idea, I like that!!

  7. Sean Scallon Says:

    And people wonder why the LP struggles like they do.

    Unless there’s a college town in this district with lots of like-minded hippies, I seriously doubt if Wana Dubie is going to appeal to a lot of voters, especially in Missouri.

    The sad thing is, is that one can make a serious argument for medical marijuana or decriminalizing marijuana or legalizing hemp but for every effective spokesperson for such causes, you get the Wana Dubie’s of the world continually reinfocing the image of the LP as a bunch of kooks and weirdos who middle class voters will not touch with a 10-foot pole.

    You might as well get Cheech and Chong to run for office if your candidates are going to be people like Wana Dubie. At least they’re celebrities.

  8. Devin Ray Freeman Says:

    Mister Whitfield said it best.
    I say anything’s better than a list of clones on the ballot. Whatever lets the people vote elsewise. Or better yet, run for office yourself, but only if you’re hellbent enough to really stand for something . . . anything.

  9. Fred C Says:

    I wholeheartedly endorse Cheech and/or Chong for any LP ballot line.

  10. Jason Says:

    Retarded….Just plain retarded.

  11. mark san souci Says:

    I am startng to think that Austin is doing this on purpose. Do you not think that there are Green nutcases out there? His recent exposure as a Republican outs him as someone to watch carefully.

  12. Stuart Richards Says:

    Austin’s not out to get us, kids.

    And yeah, this guy is an embarrassment to my party. I know for a fact that there’s nutcases in the GP… it would be interesting to see them. Of course, for all I know they don’t believe in the internet.

  13. Otto Kerner Says:

    This is actually a brilliant plan by Party Central. The goal is to make Frodo look like a very sensible sort of candidate.

    Seriously, though, I don’t know why you would hold this guy’s antics against any other Libertarian candidates.

  14. Austin Cassidy Says:


    I was not “exposed” as a Republican… I’ve said repeatedly for over a year that I’m a registered Republican. If you don’t like it, no one is forcing you to come back to this site. Seriously.

    Now, I’ve profiled a half-dozen of these kinds of kooks in the few months I’ve been doing these little daily candidate things. Including Greens and independents. I mention them because they’re often more interesting and amusing than the serious candidates out there… and frankly there aren’t that many serious candidates out there to begin with.

    But back to my original point. If you think that I’m a GOP operative with a secret agenda to destroy third parties… Well, that’s fine. There are a great many other websites out there that you are free to enjoy.


  15. Devin Ray Freeman Says:

    Thanx Webmaster Cassidy, and keep the kooks coming, please.
    Myself, I’m a Libetarian. I just wanted to say that before I get exposed.

  16. Joe Magyer Says:

    Since all of the LP candidates are, to my knowledge, pretty much normal people, I just can’t but wonder how a guy like this gets nominated by the LP. Seriously, he calls himself Chief Wana Dubie. Painfully, though, I have to admit that this guy is less embarrassing than Frodo.

  17. Joe Magyer Says:

    Sorry, when I said “Since all of the LP candidates are…” I meant “Since all of the Georgian LP candidates are…” Frodo is clearly not sane.

  18. Jason Corley Says:

    You know, I’m really thinking serioiusly about reevaluating my political stance. Since everyone is exposing themselves, I think I will expose myself also. Its high-time that I admit that I am a Republican as well. I really liked the Constitution Party but it seems to be coming apart at the seams. They should just be honest with everyone and rename it to the Christian Party.

    Not that I have anything what so ever against Christianity because I am one and I believe in all its tensnts. However, if there is one thing we know for certain, if history has taught us anything, it is that Christianity (any religion for that matter) will never be a uniter. Most Christians can’t even agree on what a “Christian” is. So how on God’s green earth are they going to agree to work with one another much less organize a political party.

    I really wanted it to work out but looking at it logically, voting for or hoping for 3rd party success, and I mean any 3rd party, is just plain wishful thinking. For the most part they are filled with fanatics, kooks, paranoid conspiracy theorist, and are and will remain to be hopelessly dysfunctional. Libs are weird, Greens are pathetic, and the CPers are dillusional.

    k, i’m done with my rant.

  19. Devin Ray Freeman Says:

    Lib Freeman here again . . . I, for one, am not weird! I’m the most normal person anyone knows, whether they know it or not.

  20. Chris Campbell Says:

    If Austin is registered as a Republican, it does not mean, necissarily that he thinks or acts like one. He may be forced by his unfair state laws.

    GOP does love to have fake sites to discredit 3rd party folks and anyone questioning them

    The CP cannot be renamed the Christian party, as not all Founders (though majority) were Christians. We have many Jews and non-believers in the Party. Some in Party doubt Catholic and Mormons are Christians, most of us do not.

    As for dillusional, that sound more like you my friend then Howard Phillips, Jim Clymer, et al.

    We see the nation going downhill, we live here, we try to reverse direction as opposed to the other parties.

  21. Otto Kerner Says:

    Joe Magyer: I don’t know how it works where you live, but I think that in a lot of state, such as my home state of Illinois, the organised Libertarian Party has no control over who runs under its name, at least not for lower-level offices like State Representative. In Illinois, for instance, the Libertarian Party does not legally exist in between elections; therefore, anybody who goes to the trouble to get on the ballot as the Libertarian Party candidate is entitled to that name, and nobody else can stop them, except through persuasion.

    Maybe they should have tried harder to persuade this guy not to run. It’s true that a lot of LP groups have the attitude that “any candidate is better than no candidate.”

  22. Michael L. Says:

    Austin’s statement that “...frankly there aren’t that many serious candidates out there to begin with,” seems to prove Mark San Souci’s point. Actually, from the U.S. Senate to the state legislature, there are literally hundreds and hundreds of serious and highly-qualified independent and third-party candidates competing in this year’s mid-term elections across the country. In addition to a few that have already been featured on TPW, such as Art Olivier in California and Professor Bruce Guthrie, representing “the new sensible center” in the state of Washington, the Libertarians boast one of their most impressive fields in years, including former Graham County sheriff Richard Mack and Libertarian Party founder David Nolan in Arizona; Johns Hopkins and University of Chicago-educated economist Leonard Schwartz in Michigan; Harvard-educated financial guru Phil Maymin in Connecticut; attorney Allen Buckley in Georgia; and Eric Sundwall in New York, whose dark-horse candidacy is already beginning to register in the Zogby Poll, to mention but a few. And that’s just for starters…

    As amusing as they might be, one can only wonder how deep in the barrel Austin had to dig to find candidates like Frodo and Chief Wana Dubie… I know it takes a lot of digging to make the Republicans—- a party that has wrapped itself in the flag while bankrupting the country—- look good these days, but c’mon!

  23. Jason Says:

    Mr. Campbell,

    I certainly wasn’t meaning everyone in the party, I know I was going a little overboard. Its just the bitterness coming out. I believe in alot of the principles and ideas the CP promotes. Matter of fact I believe so much that I contribute. I just detest this faction splitting and this zealous religious overtone that has been promoted by many influential individuals in the party.

    This party will never survive if we allow a religous order to dictate our policies and our alliances. If you argue differently, or anyone else for that matter, then you are in fact, dillusional. That was my point and I should have put it that way.

  24. Jason Says:

    By the way, is that a tattoo on his forehead?

  25. Mr Tomnus Says:

    Just wanted to say your death match comments and the kook comments and all the other name calling shows me your levels of intelligence. The fact that you think Bush and co is not responsible for 911 is a total outing of your lack of inner vision. How come a chief in the woods & pot smoking hippie can tell the difference between good men and pathetic reptilian minded materialistic externalists seeking to control everything, but you cannot. I have the answer. Everyone matters. Chief inspired many people to run, vote, and take part in even a corrupted political process. What have you fucking losers who bash him as a kook done. He openly discusses 911. What do you do? Most of these responses let me know. You suck Satan’s cock. And the worst part, you want everyone else to.

    I believe in a free America. Mr Tomnus

  26. Mr Tomnus Says:

    Oh and in case I forgot to mention….fuck normalcy! You version of normalcy is, to the intelligent entities of a higher universal order, simply insane. And to all you boot licking fucking lackeys, Chief is a fighter, not a flighter. I dare you to debate him. We will record it and put it on the net. E-mail [email protected] and we will set it up. Put your nuts where your mouth is, or go on in your life leaving your little pathetic comments on the blog sites thinking by doing so you are helping the world. I invite you out to the real world. Send an e-mail with your phone number and we will do the rest. Or go on judging what you know nothing about. You think you are a good man? Have you studied 911….do you have a good reason why Building 7 collasped…..don’t regurgitate the media lies…tell me….you go along just to get along…..pussies make me sick… are not men, your are abominations to what true warrior men are. Chief is a warrior. He could out debate any of you pricks on this site. Send the e-mail and we will record and post on his site a live debate unedited…..take on the pro hemp pro 911 truth candidate and his team with your team… don’t have the stones I bet…..too bad.

  27. Jason Says:

    Osama…Is that you??

    You are a fruit and the very definition of a “kook.” Lay down the pipe man and step away. In the mean time, we’ll be over here in reality. You can’t miss it. It’s full of SANE people!

    Very Respectively,

  28. Mr Tomnus Says:

    Oh Jason: I love you. I hope you wake up. But you are the typical american’t I rant of in my previous posts. You always try to kill the messenger but fail to see the message. You don’t know what you do and I forgive you. I hope you forgive yourself as well. Maybe if you picked up the pipe instead of your 19 prescription drugs you take everyday you might see. Instead you are what Chief terms a not-see. And if I was Osama, the CIA tactician (AKA Tim Osmond) at least I have been found.
    Most respectively Mr. Tomnus
    And yes, that is a tatoo on his forhead. I respect men with balls. Founding father types who aren’t afraid to stand up. I have no respect for pussies. Don’t be one. Seek.

  29. Jason Says:

    Riiighhht….Thanks for all that information. Tomnus, you should really find new friends…

    I don’t want to engage in any discussion with you because I do not think I am dealing with someone who has all his faculties. Some people just can’t be disputed and I sense you are one of those people. I’m sure there are reasons for being the way you are. So let me part with some words of encouragement.

    Good luck in your quest for truth. I’m sure the Chief will do well in his bid for office. I mean the guy has everything one would look for in a candidate: slurred speech; obvious motor skill disorder; personal hygiene deficiency, not to mention that distinctive homeless feature that exhibits the unmistakable quality of “jobless.” With his credentials and you as his spokesman and campaigner; the two of you have set up a regular “dream team” and I’m confident the both of you will pull out all the stops.

    We’ll we be seeing a Chief for a White House bid in ’08? If so, what will be some of his issues? Oh, I hope he doesn’t adopt platform over principles.

  30. Thomas L. Knapp Says:

    Quoth Joe Magyer:

    “Since all of the LP candidates are, to my knowledge, pretty much normal people, I just can’t but wonder how a guy like this gets nominated by the LP.”

    Chief Wanadubie is running for office in Missouri, where the LP is an “established” party. Our understanding of Missouri election law, until recently*, was that the party organization has no control whatsoever over party nominations to public office.

    In Missouri, party nominations to public office are made in a primary election.

    Each voter can vote the primary ballot of the party he or she chooses (i.e. there is no registration by party—but at any given election, one voter gets to choose only one party’s ballot).

    Any candidate can seek the nomination of any party by visiting the relevant election authority’s office (for the legislature, that’s the Secretary of State), filling out some paperwork, and paying a “filing fee” (either to the party, or to the election authority—the election authority turns it over to the party if the latter). That candidate’s name then appears on the primary ballot and, if that candidate wins the primary, he or she is the party’s nominee … whether the party likes it or not.

    Now, for the little “until recently*.” This year, a white supremacist filed for election to the US House of Representatives on the Democratic Party’s ticket. The Democratic state executive committee returned his filing fee, and the Secretary of State ruled that, since the filing fee had been returned, the supremacist was not entitled to be on the ballot. He then attempted to file on the Republican and Libertarian tickets, and both of those parties likewise returned his filing fee and said “no dice.” I believe he is suing the Secretary of State and possibly the Democrats. If he wins, then we were correct in our earlier interpretation of the law. If he loses, then the LP (and the other parties) will have gained significant control over whom they nominate.

    The matter of Chief Wanadubie was mentioned at the LP executive committee meeting in which it was decided to reject the white supremacist’s candidacy (I sit on that committee), but we didn’t move to reject his candidacy. He’s not as embarrassing as a white supremacist. Hell, he’s not as embarrassing as George W. Bush.

    Tom Knapp

  31. Mr Tomnus Says:

    Exactly Tom. He is not as embarrassing as George W. Chief doesn’t have to deal with bombing Iraq, his vice president conducting military drills on 911 to create the pretext for war in the middle east, or the next phase of invading and attacking Iran. Too few good men are standing up to the evil shitwhores in the whitehouse, and the worthless parties called republican and democrat. Chief’s platform, was from it’s inception to give people the encouragement to register, run, and vote. If a hippie from the woods can do it, why can’t you? He is on the lib ticket because no one else ran against him. That is the lib parties fault not Chief’s. It doesn’t matter if he wins or not. He already accomplished exactly what he set out to do. Spark debate, get people interested in taking part in the system of democracy. Dent county has a record number of candidates in all parties this year. More registered voters than in previous years. Chief helped this happen. I know two candidates that ran because they saw Chief was running. He already won.
    To quote Jason:

    “slurred speech; obvious motor skill disorder; personal hygiene deficiency, not to mention that distinctive homeless feature that exhibits the unmistakable quality of “jobless.”
    Sounds like Jesus to me. LOL
    Jason here is putting Chief under the gun. What’s in your closet Jason? Where is your website? Casting stones are we? Are you running for office? The closest you’ll ever get to that is leaving your worthless posts on this website. I said you we’re a pussy and you showed us I was right. Keep shooting. One day you might get it. Not a pussy american’t. Mr. Tomnus
    “I believe in a free Narnia.”

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  34. Mr. Tomnus Says:

    As if Libertarians are something special because they stand for something most others don’t. The problem with Libs is , stage one:denial. Stage two: Violent wording and opposition. If they could ever get to Stage three: Self evident truth realized, that men have no GOD DAMN right to declare in their own prideful arrogant ways that a plant created by GOD, wrongly classified as a drug is somehow responsible for the LP’s pathetic problems, Chief running, as well as all societal problems. What a pathetic farce. If that’s all you can come up with, you proved my point. You should smoke some pot and open up your pathetic closed pinneal gland that is clogged with fluoride aspartame and mercury from vaccines. You poor souls who lack inner vision all by choice, SUCK SATANS COCK. Keep Slurpin boys!

  35. Zack Moore "little Dubie" Says:

    DUBIE!! DUBIE i love dubie
    GO DUBIE…...
    i want 1 million dubies

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