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Big Apple Grows Greener Since 2001

Looks like the New York Greens are getting some attention for their substantial growth in registered voters. From the NY Daily News...

The Big Apple is getting greener - and it has nothing to do with grass or cash.

The number of state voters registered with the Green Party more than doubled in the past five years, though the war-hating, tree-loving group still lags far behind most political parties in popularity, according to Board of Elections data.

Green leaders attribute anger over the war in Iraq for their party’s ballooning membership - there are currently 36,141 registered Green voters compared with 17,992 in 2001.

“The Republicans have been initiating war and the Democrats are their biggest supporters and there are people looking for someone to speak to nonviolent solutions,” said Ian Wilder, co-chairman of the state’s Green Party.

Despite more Greens - Democrats also experienced voter gains, though less dramatic - the party has no clout in helping candidates win. It doesn’t endorse candidates who aren’t Green, and those who are Green rarely win.

“They are not in the election to win, they are in the election to make a point,” said Gerald Benjamin, a political science professor at the State University of New York at New Paltz.

By comparison, there are 5.4 million Democrats and 3.1 million Republicans in the state.

4 Responses to “Big Apple Grows Greener Since 2001”

  1. Richard Winger Says:

    This story is rather misleading, because it compares today’s registration data to 2001. New York had 41,222 registered Greens in October 2004, and now it has 36,141. So the story is misleading.

    The July 1 Ballot Access News will have registration data for all states, for all parties.

  2. Donald Raymond Lake Says:

    Once again, Richard Winger, that secular saint of Indies and Minor Parties and Micro Parties has told us the ‘story behind the story’!
    Rich, do you still need [email protected] and his last known street address? He is the current Collie Fornia state reform chair (RPCa). Valli Sharpe Geisler is the Post Jeff Rainforth former state chair. Both are dodging a raft of court actions, including mine.

  3. Eric Prindle Says:

    The story behind the story behind the story is that a couple years back, the Green, Liberal, and Right to Life parties were removed from New York’s voter registration form and replaced with a write-in “Other” space. The parties successfully fought in court to retain their enrollments, but they didn’t get to keep their names on the form. New York has a very mobile population, so it’s not surprising that the numbers would start to fall as people move out of the state or change addresses and don’t take the time to write in “Green” when reregistering.

    The Green Party will likely regain its ballot line this year. All five major parties are lined up behind Spitzer and Faso. The Right to Life candidate will appeal to a very dedicated but very narrow group of voters. The Libertarians and Socialist Workers will probably get candidates on the ballot, as they usually do, but they never get very many votes. Malachy McCourt for the Greens is something of a celebrity, and because of the unusually weak third-party field, he will get most of the protest votes unless someone else comes forward at the last minute.

    If the Green Party gets its ballot line back, you can expect to see those numbers go back up.

  4. David A Spitzley Says:

    Quoting the article:
    “They are not in the election to win, they are in the election to make a point,” said Gerald Benjamin, a political science professor at the State University of New York at New Paltz.—————————————
    Does that strike anybody as an odd statement given that New Palz is one of the places where Green candidates >have

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