Friday’s Candidate: Russ Diamond


Russ Diamond, independent candidate running for Governor of Pennsylvania.

Diamond is the founder of PACleanSweep, an organization created in response to the infamous pay raise enacted by the state legislature.

In January, I was both humbled and honored to be named one of three “Citizens of the Year” by the Philadelphia Inquirer - along with Gene Stilp and Tim Potts - for our collective efforts in helping to turn back Act 44.

In July, the three of us will get together again - along with Eric Epstein - to accept the “Public Service Achievement Award’ from Pennsylvania Common Cause.

Diamond’s Lt. Governor candidate is Tom Lingenfelter, a veteran, former school teacher, and nationally known historian. He was also a Bronze Medalist at the Pan-American Games as a member of the US Olympic Field Hockey Team.

Tom Lingenfelter has for the past 12 years challenged the political machines of both parties - in the courts, in the media and at the ballot box. Running against the party boss’s endorsement he twice won a GOP State Committeeman slot and garnered 40% in a GOP Congressional primary against an entrenched encumbent. Tom recently had an 89% primary victory over the Democratic party boss’s hand picked challenger and a 47% showing against the encumbent in the General election. Because of his ‘Think for Yourself ’ reputation Tom has a base of support in both major parties. “Since changing my registration to Independent I have finally broken from the burden of bearing a party label and am experiencing real political freedom.”

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5 Responses to “Friday’s Candidate: Russ Diamond”

  1. Richard Winger Says:

    Austin, is there any chance he would give you an interview? I’m especially keen to know how his petition is going.

  2. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Says:

    He (they) do not talk to many or much out side of Pennsylvania. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home has formally endorsed them as far back as February, but they have never ever ‘posted’ us or talked to us.

  3. Austin Cassidy Says:

    I might take a stab at it… worth a shot anyway.

  4. Scott E. Crawford Says:

    I, too, am curious. Here in PA, we need an alternative to Swann and Rendell.

  5. Russ Diamond Says:

    Austin- I left a message for you… Give me a call!

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