Wednesday’s Candidate: Bill Boone


Bill Boone, Libertarian for Missouri State Representative in the 140th district.

Boone has been a resident of Springfield, Missouri for almost four decades and is campaigning on a platform that includes controlling illegal immigration, ensuring personal property rights, lowering taxes, and protecting our right to bear arms. He also advocates local control of educational funding, providing a quality educational system, and continued efforts to provide affordable healthcare.

The website:

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  1. ABAsite Says:

    He doesn’t seem like a “pure” libertarian, but he definitely seems like a good candidate, and an electable one.

  2. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Says:

    Libertarians can not progress in any sufficient numbers in a post 911 environment with the old hackney ‘Open Borders’ song.
    In 1800 or 2100 maybe, but not in 1900, 2000, or, especially, 2001!

  3. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Says:

    Richard Damerow, a U of California employee in Nude Mexico, another post War ( even Post Soviet!) bomb maker, has this to say about intra move ment dialog with in the so call reform effort:

    [email protected],
    [email protected]
    “Citizens For A Better Veterans Home”

    Date:Wed, 14 Jun 2006 01:33:15

    Richard Damerow “On the other hand….....”
    (per abused truth teller Don Lake)

    “As Damerow knows from months ago, this issue has
    been addressed, seemingly to liar Sandra
    Madison’s and the Doctor’s apparent satisfaction.

    Ahhhhhh, selective memory, say one thing, recall
    a second version, and broad cast a third, what a
    wonderful tool!

    Hey, Dick, why are you not complaining about
    Valley Sharp Geyser and John ‘Beat Down’ Blair
    stiffing (aka: Robbing!) party activists of
    dollars spent at their request? Party activist
    whom stand in monthly food lines while Valley*
    goes to Europe and John owns California Real
    Estate! *Valli Sharpe Geisler of San Jose

    Hey, Dick, why are you not complaining of these
    two dodging supeans and other court action?

    Hey, Dick, instead of picking on truth tellers,
    why don’t you spend some time trying to reform
    the reform party? You folks are a laughing stock
    all over and

    A well deserved laughing
    stock, not due to truth tellers like Citizens For
    A Better Veterans Home, but due to the interior
    lack of ethics of folks like you, Ted Webster (Iowa),
    Virginia Brooks (Ohio), Madison - Kennedy - The Fosters
    (‘any thing Texan can not be all that bad…’),
    the Hoffpauirs (Oklahoma) , Mrs Ruben Hernandez (repeated
    liar Janice Miller of FLorida), Donna Shankle (more FLorida),
    and the list
    goes on and on…..

    Insulting me or Calling me names does not make
    you less ‘the dumbest PhD on the planet’ and
    lots of folks see right through your ‘hop
    schoching’ all over the board.

    You are dumb (you
    can not remember your previous lies and have to
    think of new ones to cover
    the original mis truths.

    Richard Damerow is a liar and has been caught on
    numerous occations by Don Lake and others…....

    Your stand on the anti First Amendment, Nazi
    Fascist Net Cops speaks for itself. I have have
    stood up and
    contradicted lies about me; I have never, ever
    that false witnesses (Texans Madison and Kennedy
    especially) shut up.

    For example, I believe on some level Madison and
    Kennedy are party wreckers——and I truly hate
    their guts——but they are better than you any
    day. They are not Net Cops or Nazi Fascist Net
    Cop promoters.

    Baby steps! In the era of Patriot Act I and
    Patriot Act II, let’s remember that the tanks
    that rolled into Poland and the planes that flew
    into Pearl Harbor had their start in Spain,
    Japan, Italy, and Germany many years before,
    you kkkreep!

    ************************************—- Richard Damerow


    > The item below needs a bit of repair.
    > Corrections in color.

    > Richard Damerow

    >——-Original Message——-
    > From: [email protected]
    > [mailto:[email protected]]On
    > Behalf Of Richard Damerow
    > Sent: Tuesday, June 13, 2006 11:58 PM
    > To: [email protected]
    > Subject: RE: [refTlk] Don Lake:
    > (ReformNewsList) F666 - Reform Isn’t Just a
    > Mission (Yeah, Sure, Right….....)

    > “The endlessly childish Mr. Lake has accused me
    > of lying. I respectfully
    > request that he support this claim with an
    > example or two. Perhaps I have
    > changed my mind on a topic without consulting
    > Mr. Lake, but I claim that
    > such behavior is to be expected from normal
    > people as they encounter new
    > information. For me, this approach seems
    > better than that of Mr. Lake. So
    > far as I can tell, he has not altered his view
    > of the world beyond what he
    > had managed to absorb by age twelve. Such a
    > person can occasionally be a
    > source of entertainment, but I find they grow
    > tiresome rather quickly.”

    > Richard Damerow

    > - *************************************——Original Message——-

    > Subject: [refTlk] Don Lake: (ReformNewsList)
    > F666 - Reform Isn’t Just about a Mission


    > > Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 13:11:40

    > > From: Donald Raymond Lake
    > >
    > “Sad to say, Miss (Shene’) Hoffpauir, it does not
    > matter,
    > > Reform Party USA (either faction) does not
    > have
    > > a mission beyong being a dysfunctional social
    > > club. What is important is that the author (your
    former paramour John Blare) is
    > > on Ken Jones’ approved list….....
    > >
    > > Road to failure, allow intra party unethical
    > > behavior go unspot lighted and thus
    unnoticed. John (owes
    > > [email protected] Blair and
    > Valley (owes
    > > [email protected] Sharp
    > Geyser need to
    > > keep wrecking the movement from Collie
    > Fornia.
    > > Allow lies and deciept from Ted Webster,
    > > Virginia Brooks, Jeff (using booze and street
    > > drugs during party functions) Rainforth,
    > Sandra
    > > Madison, Beverly Kennedy, The Fosters, DOCTOR
    > > Richard (say one thing, say another—it’s
    > > called LYING) Damerow, DOCTOR Charlene “I
    > hate
    > > the First Amendment” Sailer, Donna “Admitted
    > > she lied for Sandy Madison” Shankle, Kenneth
    > > Jones: Unappointed Jounalist Czar, Janice
    > > “Making up stories as she goes along” Miller
    > > (Mrs Ruben Hernandez), and assorted other non
    > > truth tellers.
    > >
    > > “The so called Reformist Activist(s) has no
    > > clothes!”
    > > (Blame the victim not the party
    > > thug hiding in the shadows!)
    > >
    > > Keep with ubiquitous Eagle and Eagle Head and
    > > Stars and Stripes! Nothing like ‘standing
    > out’
    > > by blending in! Don’t go into national
    > history
    > > (Teddy Roosevelt) or Collie Fornia legend
    > (TR’s
    > > 1912 running mate Direct Democracy guru
    > > Governor/ US Senator Hiram W. Johnson). Stick
    > > with Boss Ross Perot. Depend entirely on an
    > > essentric Billionaire whom was in and out of
    > > races and is no long affiliated with
    > > Independent (Non Democratic /Non GOP) public
    > > policy in any way.
    > >
    > > Keep ignoring Ben Franklin, Thomas Paine,
    > > Nathan Hale, early Whigs, Suffuragates,
    > > Abolishionist, early Unionist, Populist
    > (rural,
    > > Grange, farm, small town, anti Rail Trust(s)
    > ),
    > > Progressives (urban and suburbanite
    > > ‘Populists’), Muckrakers (out right critics
    > and
    > > Investigative Journalist(s) via Penny Press
    > and
    > > Modern Monthlies and to the 21st Century),
    > Bob
    > > LaFollet, TR, Hiram W. Johnson, Theodore
    > Bear,
    > > Bull Moose, William Jennings Bryant, Eugene
    > > Debbs (over 1M votes for POTUS while in
    > federal
    > > prison in 1920), John B. Anderson, 1980 Unity
    > > Party.
    > >
    > > Shene’ : do not bother with the truth, sad to
    > > say: the Reform Party USA sure does not!
    > >
    > >

    > **************************************
    > > Wasn’t this published
    > > last year????
    > >————Shene’ Hoffpauir
    > >
    > > ============
    > >
    > > Reform Isn’t Just a Word, It’s a Mission
    > >
    > > (Bill Greenwood, Rhode Island)
    We are rapidly approaching
    > > State and National elections and
    > > again REFORM appears to be the buzz word.
    > > Hardly a candidate speaks without
    > > using the word Reform. Immigration reform,
    > tax
    > > reform, etc. are they really
    > > interested in reform or are they just
    > > pretending? We continue to see our
    > > State and Federal taxes increase,
    > undocumented
    > > immigration out of control,
    > > a spiraling National Debt, well over forty
    > > five million Americans without
    > > affordable health care insurance, hunger and
    > > homelessness on the increase,
    > > the horrors of war in the Middle East, etc.
    > >
    > > Some years ago I heard these words from a
    > > REFORM PARTY MEMBER.� Reform is
    > > not just a word it is a burning torch passed
    > > on from the ashes of 141 young
    > > immigrants girls burned to death in the
    > > triangle shirt factory in N.Y.
    > > Because the owners locked the exit doors to
    > > keep out union organizers. It
    > > is the voice in time from the buried alive
    > > coal miners in Virginia, and the
    > > look on the faces of Love Canal children
    > dying
    > > from cancer. Because
    > > CORPORATIONS put profits before people. It is
    > > the hand that helped a slave
    > > to freedom during the Underground Railroad
    > and
    > > the hearts of so many
    > > Military people that stopped beating so that
    > > we might continue to� enjoy
    > > this precious freedom.
    > >
    > > When CORPORATIONS / BIG MONEY seemingly buy
    > > our elections, they buy up our
    > > freedom.
    > >
    > > Reform Party members, it’s time to UNITE and
    > > move forward aggressively.�
    > > As Mr Kretzer of the Arizona Reform Party
    > > often states “It’s your country,
    > > do you care”?
    > >
    > > Bill Greenwood - Chair R.I. Reform Party
    > > Visit our website @
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > >

    > Citizens For A Better Veterans Home, not just
    > more lethal, politicized,
    > uncaring programs that creat hack patronage
    > jobs, spend taxes in constituant
    > communities, while doing little or nothing for
    > real veterans, their real
    > families, with their real problems…...


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