Our Interview with Scott McLarty

Scott McLarty is an activist and media coordinator for the Green Party. We had the opportunity to briefly ask him a few questions about his own experience as a Green and how he sees this Fall’s election shaping up.

TPW: What first inspired you to become a member of the Green Party?

McLarty: I got involved in 1996, when I was writing articles about the Nader campaign. I was especially interested in Ralph Nader’s support for single-payer national health insurance in 1993, which President Clinton had failed to introduce and which I realized was unlikely ever to be passed whether a Democrat or Republican was in the White House. I was invited to join the Nader campaign, and I also began to help organize the DC Green Party, which in 1999 became the DC Statehood Green Party after a merger with the DC Statehood Party.


TPW: Could you name a few Green State House or State Senate candidates that appear to be running winnable races this year?

McLarty: It’s too early to tell who’s winnable yet. Jeff Toste, running in Rhode Island (Providence) is probably the most winnable at this point. John Eder (Portland) will probably get re-elected to the Maine legislature.


TPW: From what you’ve seen so far, what are some other local-level campaigns that you’re excited about this year? Specifically races where you think the party has a chance to either win substantial elected offices or generate serious media exposure.

McLarty: Probably our most prominent is Aimee Allison, for Oakland, California City Council finished 2/3 in the primary with 2700 votes for 37.2% and now advances to the General Election.


TPW: While it’s easy to focus only on candidates running for office, what are some of the more notable issues that Greens will be campaigning on this Fall?

McLarty: Some of the major issues include health care (some Greens are supporting guaranteed statewide health coverage plans), affordable housing, combatting abuses of eminent domain (especially after the Supreme Court’s unfortunate Kelo v. New London decision last year), steps to lower local greenhouse gas emissions and increase public transportation, and constituent services.


TPW: Which do you feel the GP will be able to gain the most traction with this election cycle?

McLarty: All of the above. Our candidates have done their homework.


TPW: Politically, what do you feel has been your party’s greatest accomplishment of the past year?

McLarty: Probably the passage in April of initiatives endorsing the quick withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, in a majority of Wisconsin cities where it appeared on the ballot.

7 Responses to “Our Interview with Scott McLarty”

  1. Will Says:

    Greens oppose eminent domain? I figured they would be all for that.

  2. David A Spitzley Says:

    Speaking as a Green, we’re opposed to the use of eminent domain to enrich private individuals and businesses. If the government is undertaking a project for the benefit of the public, such as mass transit or schools, it may be defensible. But tearing a swath out of a community and handing it over to a private developer is just corporate welfare. Let the businesses in question buy the land themselves.

  3. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Says:

    (A) Now that you guys have discovered Eminent Domain Abuse when are you going to speak up on Veterans buse? Tick, Tick, Tick. Good people (Heros even!) are dying abused and prematurely every hour!

    (B) That said, the third party types of Citizens For A Better Veterans Home were suduced by www.reformpartyofcalifornia.org and FORMER state chair and Miracle Man [email protected] in 2003. Jeff, an emensely talented but personally incomplete individual, got us our own page on the state web site and set us up to ‘go National’ with veterans issues. And then, after being fired during his first PAID week with Nader’s Children’s Crusade, Rainforth left the splinters and shambles of the so called reform movement!

    The reform movement is not only stuck between neutral and first, but corruption and lack of basic ethics runs rampant. Call us about ‘Going Green’, we tolerate CUIP, we like the Independence Party state efforts, Trump, Bloomberg, Jesse Ventura, John B. Anderson (1980), and (Lou) Dobbs, and Unity 08. Thx: 619.420.0209, 760.253.2371, 619.852.1481

  4. Roger, Gone Green Says:

    As a matter of fact, many Green candidates include vastly improved veteran care as campaign plank; Greens may oppose the current war, but know we owe MORE than simple gratitude to our veterians. Bill Paparian, Green for Congress out in California, is an example of this; as a former Marine, Bill gets it and pushes for

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