Tuesday’s Candidate: Robert Healey


Robert Healey for Lt. Governor of Rhode Island. He is the founder and chief organizer of the Cool Moose Party, a surprisingly strong force in Rhode Island politics during the 90’s.

Healy is an attorney who has made numerous runs for office including two bids for Governor. In 1994, he captured 32,822 votes (9%) and actually won his hometown of Warren. Four years later, he polled 19,250 votes or around 6.3% of the total.

Healy launched his campaign this year from a beach in South America, is refusing to accept any campaign donations, and pledges to eliminate the office of Lt. Governor if he’s elected.

Here he is making his announcement in Uruguay…

The website: http://www.votehealey.com

8 Responses to “Tuesday’s Candidate: Robert Healey”

  1. Dennis Says:

    Jerry Garcia returns from the dead…..

    Political note: Next run for office…..try and grow long hair….

    Do we have any balding candidates this year????? besides Hilliary?

  2. Chris Campbell Says:

    Elect me, then I will abolish this office!! Intersting strategy

  3. Gary Odom Says:

    Advocating abolishment an office that a person holds is actually what what put Howard Phillips, the founder of the Constitution Party, into the public light (in the late 60’s or early 70’s-okay senility sets in after you’ve been involved with this as long as I have). He was appointed to two different “Great Society” positons (one was the Office of Economic Opportunity) by President Nixon and made headlines because he announced that it was his intention to dismantle them due to their socialistic nature. I’m ashamed of myself at the moment as I can’t remember the outcome, but it was a noble effort, nonetheless.

    The position of Lt. Governor is one of the lamest positions in government, though it has some interesting ramifications when the Gov. and Lt. Gov are of different parties. Usually, it keeps the Governor in the state more than he might otherwise be.

    The most notable opportunity for a Lt. Gov. to make an important decision that I can remember was in 1965 while our esteemed governor “Pat” Brown (Jerry’s dad) was out of the country, the Watts Riots broke out and Lt. Gov., Glenn Anderson, did everything wrong and helped turn a major local problem into a statewide/national crisis. So, 99% of the time it’s a cushy job and 1% of the time it’s likely you’ll get a chance to screw up the works.

  4. Richard Winger Says:

    Hooray for Healey! He is helping something that he doesn’t even realize he is helping. I want it to be true that every voter in the U.S. will have at least one minor party or independent candidate to vote for this fall, except that we know that will be impossible in North Carolina and Alabama. However, lawsuits against those states’ ballot access laws are pending. It will be great if we can truthfully say that the voters of those two states are the only states without choices beyond Dem-Rep. And if it weren’t for Healey this year, Rhode Island would be on the “bad” list also, since I don’t think any other statewide minor party or independent candidates are running in Rhode Island.

  5. Gary Odom Says:

    I second Richard’s remarks! And Richard, thanks for all your great efforts in this battle!

  6. ABAsite Says:

    Rod Driver is running as an independent for Congress in RI, so Healey’s not alone. I wish his Cool Moose Party could have taken hold for a longer amount of time. I like the guy, and hopefully this time he can win one.

  7. Richard Winger Says:

    I know about Rod Driver, but he isn’t running for a statewide office.

  8. Centrist Dem Chris Says:


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