Monday’s Candidate: Mark “MAJIC” Jones


Mark “MAJIC” Jones, Libertarian for Greene County Presiding Commissioner in Missouri.

Jones is the owner of MAJIC Painting & Wallcovering and is campaigning to restore fiscal responsibility to the Greene County government.

He’s also challenged elected officials to take a voluntary 2% pay-cut and has pledged that…

If elected I plan to donate 2% of my salary to the betterment of our schools. In my opinion, the failing public school system is the beginning to the end.

His website is pretty rockin’ and I mean that literally… turn your speakers up. But really, his best asset has got to be his hair!

The website:

5 Responses to “Monday’s Candidate: Mark “MAJIC” Jones”

  1. Dennis Says:

    It is a party requirement that every LP candidate has long hair and looks like one of the Bee Gees?

  2. Fred Mangels Says:

    No. Long hair is not a requirement.

  3. Otto Kerner Says:

    At first blush, I thought he was just another weirdo libertarian candidate. But, if nothing else, he’s a small businessman, which people like. And at least he’s running for a county office, instead of U.S. Senator or something.

  4. NewFederalist Says:

    Dennis- I was thinking the same thing but at least he is not making “Lord of the Rings” analogies.

  5. Jackcjackson Says:

    Frodo and MAJIC

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