Thursday’s Candidate: Dodie Lovett


Dodie Lovett, the Green Party’s candidate for Pennsylvania State Assembly in District 108.

Lovett is a grandmother, environmental activist, and a mime teacher. She holds local leadership positions with both the ACLU and Sierra Club. She’s also the author of a work on Mary Todd Lincoln.

Her campaign site is worth visiting just to hear Kermit sing that song again… :)

The website:

2 Responses to “Thursday’s Candidate: Dodie Lovett”

  1. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Says:

    “It’s not easy being GREEN”.........?

    Citizens For A Better Veterans Home is about 100 veterans advocates through out the tarnished once Golden State. We started in May 1998 (in the worst veterans care campus on the planet, Barstow, Collie Fornia) and none of the four cofounders was Republican or Democrat. As of 2004, the three remaining founders and the organization’s over all flavor is ‘reformist’.

    With the national, California, Oklahoma formal Reform Party/ Reform Movement insanity, reluctantly, the Green movement (WITH ALL OF THEIR FAULTS) is looking more and more viable by the month! (And in Collie Fornia they have a solid ballot access!)

  2. Dennis Says:

    Please explain all the faults the Green Party has????

    Please be specific.

    The Green Party is the only Progressive movement out there
    challenging the Radical Right….

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