Our Interview with Christopher Hansen

Christopher Hansen is the current chairman of the Independent American Party of Nevada, that state’s Constitution Party affiliate. He is also the party’s 2006 candidate for Governor.

For the last few months, Hansen has been at the center of an internal party battle between those who want to outlaw abortion with no exceptions and those who take a slightly less “hard-line” approach. Several state affiliates have even disaffiliated themselves with the national Constitution Party over this matter.

Mr. Hansen was kind enough to take a few minutes to talk with Third Party Watch about that controversy and also what the IAP of Nevada has planned for this year’s elections.

TPW: Can you tell us a bit about the Independent American Party of Nevada’s history and where it stands today? Is the party now an affiliate of both the Constitution Party and the national IAP?

Hansen: We started back in 1966 AD with the George Wallace movement. My brother Dan ran for governor and destroyed the Republican and Democrat candidates in the debates. In fact the largest Newspaper in the State at the time, the Journal, announced that Dan had won those debates. The law required the party to get 5% of the statewide vote total to maintain ballot position. We missed it by a 1/2%. We went out and got on the ballot again by petitions. Then in the Reagan years the party fell apart because fools believed that the Republican Party had been saved. It had not been saved. I knew Reagan was a traitor when he took well known CFR member George “Read my lips” Bush as VP.

In 1992 AD my brother was contacted by Howard Phillips and asked to restarted the Nevada Independent American Party. He did it. The signatures were gathered and we were back on the ballot. Since then we have been growing strong. We went from less that 300 members to over 40,000 in 14 years with extreme growth in the last three years going from 16,000 to 40,000.

We are affiliated with ONLY the Constitution Party. The Independent American Party has been friendly toward us but we are not affiliated. My brother Dan was killed while returning from speaking to their convention in Utah four years ago.


TPW: When did you first join the party and why did you feel it was the right place for you politically?

Hansen: I was 10 in 1966 AD. I clearly remember going out to gather signatures to get the IAP on the ballot. I remember getting spit on and yelled at. I was harassed at school by students and teachers. My father, mother and brother were politically active and it was natural for me to be interested. The biggest thing that convinced me the IAP was AOK was the arguments against the party by Republicans. They never made sense to me.

After the party was started up again I had no questions as to where I needed to be and have been active since then working at all levels. I also wrote a book, Testament of Sovereignty. The history I learned in research convinced me that some of the positions of the party were not in compliance with what the Founders believed and I have worked to change the party to meet their standards and beliefs. I also discovered that I like Martin Luther King Jr’s views on liberty more than George Wallace or J. Edgar Hoover. I learned John F. Kennedy fought against the Federal Reserve and was killed for it. I love the Founding Fathers and study their words and other world-wide political leaders with a passion. I especially enjoy reading the words of Communists and Fascists (like George Bush) to see the tactics and beliefs of those that oppose liberty. To know what makes liberty work you must know what makes it fail. Their atheism or forced religion are key elements to hatred of liberty.


TPW: In California, Florida, and other states, parties with the word “independent” in their names seem to have done quite well in obtaining voter registrations. Do you suspect some of the voters joining these parties are simply trying to register themselves as unaffiliated?

Hansen: There is no question about it at all. I have spoken to many people that joined the IAP that did not know it was a Political Party. Several of them are now running for office for us. The name Independent American was a brilliant move by my brother Dan. It worked exactly as he knew it would. Many people sign up to be Democrats or Republicans without ever reading a platform. They join because their parents were Democims or Republicrats. Why not give ourselves a bit of an advantage? All is fair in love and war. Why would anyone be so foolish as to name themselves something that is not appealing to the average voters. Two good examples of very bad names would be Taxpayers Party and Constitution Party. No one wants to be a Taxpayer and who is a Constitution? But everyone wants to be an Independent American. That is why many people join. Just the name. But they do know they do not want to be a Libertarian or a Republican or a Democrat. That is no mistake.


TPW: Much has been said about the current abortion controversy within the national Constitution Party. Without devoting too much time to that matter here, can you briefly summarize your views on abortion?

Hansen: My whole answer can be found here at the moment.

My short answer is this. The Bible says life began for Adam when he breathed the breath of life. The legal definition of when life began in 1776 AD and 1789 AD was that life did not LEGALLY begin until “quickening.” The current legal system does not recognize “life” as beginning until the first breath, interestingly enough, the same as the Bible with Adam. None of the legal beliefs say life begins at conception. The No Exceptionist fanatics point to science to prove their beliefs. I always laugh at that since they dismiss science whenever it disagrees with the Bible (evolution is a prime example), except on when life begins.

I believe, as the great legal minds of the 17th, 18th centuries, that abortion is a heinous crime but that it is not murder.

As Blackstone wrote: “[T]his (abortion), though not murder, was by the ancient law homicide or manslaughter. But at present it is not looked upon in quite so atrocious a light, though it remains a very heinous misdemeanor.” That was the original intent of “life.” I agree with that. It is not murder. It is very close to murder and very evil.

I totally oppose Roe v. Wade if only because it destroys States Rights let alone that it is a terrible ruling, a federal power grab and allowed for abortions through 9 months which was unheard of legally speaking. I want to stop as many abortions as we can in today’s climate. Interestingly enough, the polls say we could get abortion restrictions to where they were allowed only up to three months which is basically what the law in the United States in 1800AD. I believe in taking what you can get politically. The No Exceptionists have failed to stop all abortions so why not start by working together to stop some abortions while you work to stop more? And not only with law but with science and love and education? But the fanatical “No Exceptionist” will not work with what they call “Baby Murderers.” How sad for them. How sad for all those babies that will never be born because they are “too good” or “real Christians” to work with people that agree with them 99% of the time.


TPW: Why do you think this has become such a divisive issue within the party considering there seems to be something like 95% agreement between the various factions?

Hansen: Religious Bigotry. I am a “Mormon.” That means to most of these fanatic Calvinists or Evangelicals that I am a cultist that worships the devil, worships Joe Smith and them there Gold Plates while preparing to marry twenty-seven 12 year old girls. Their comments about Joseph Smith, The Book of Mormon and how we are cultists regularly creep into their reasoning on abortion. One of the Peroutka assistants called us “devil worshiping cultists.” The abortion issue was the only way they could “purify” the Constitution Party. Abortion was and is (to me) a Red Herring.

Interestingly enough we get along quite well with the Catholics in the Constitution Party who are very much No Exceptionist because their Pope told them they should be. I am happy to work with them and do work with Catholics. They do not try to force their religious beliefs on me and we work together on issues we agree upon and agree to disagree on others which is how it should be in politics. Many Catholics have contacted me concerned that if the kick the “Mormons” out in Nevada that the Catholics would be next. They had good reason to be concerned.

Religious bigotry has long been a problem with the Constitution Party. Hopefully they can go off and join something like the Christian Heritage Party where they can all feel morally superior to every one while accomplishing nothing. LOOOOSERS!


TPW: How many candidates is the IAP of Nevada running in this Fall’s election and which of those races do you consider most likely to be winnable?

Hansen: We should have 45 candidates in the November election. I would say we have a good chance to win maybe two of those small races unless something politically exciting happens and then who knows. If the Democrats keep supporting Illegal immigration and the Republicans do nothing coupled with the 3 Federal Reserve Notes per gallon gas prices go up, people may say anybody is a better choice. When 29% of the people in the U.S. still think George W. Bush is doing a good job it will be hard to make much of an impact. Things MUST get worse before they can get better.


TPW: What are the primary issues your candidates will be focusing on?


1. Securing our Borders.
2. Securing our Borders
2. All of the issues mentioned and documented in Arron Russo’s film America: From Freedom to Fascism.

See the trailer here: http://www.freedomtofascism.com

I have seen it several times and was given a copy by Aaron Russo personally for my efforts in promoting this film.

We want everyone in America to see this wonderful film.

Here is one review:

“FOUR STARS” (Highest Rating).The scariest goddamn film you’ll see this year. It will leave you staggering out of the theatre, slack-jawed and trembling. Makes ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ look like ‘Bambi.’ After watching this movie, your comfy, secure notions about America—and about what it means to be an American—will be forever shattered. Producer/director Aaron Russo and the folks at Cinema Libre Studio deserve to be heralded as heroes of a post-modern New American Revolution. This is shocking stuff. You’ll be angry, you’ll be disgusted, but you may actually break out in a cold sweat and feel a sickness deep in your gut; I would advise movie theatre managers to hand out vomit bags. You may end up needing one.”—- Todd David Schwartz, CBS

We are promoting this film!


TPW: What would you consider your most notable accomplishments as party chairman thus far?

Hansen: Growth in numbers of members and number of candidates. Since I became acting chairman and then elected chairman we have more than doubled in size and have had a huge increase in the number of our candidates. Dan, my brother, had a vision about having 50 candidate in the 2002 AD election. He called it the Independent American Challenge. He was killed in January of 2002 AD and we became determined to fulfill his dream. We got the 50 candidates and almost made it again this year with 45. The election laws have become quite oppressive in the last 4 years . There was a 30% overall drop in candidates of all parties in Nevada because of these oppressive election laws. We only had a 10% drop and the quality of our candidates was greatly improved since 2002 AD.


TPW: Finally, what candidates would like to see run for President on the Constitution Party line in 2008? Do you feel that it’s more important to run candidates for local office or should the Presidential race be the top priority?

Hansen: Me. If I got elected as Nevada governor this year. Besides that I will have to wait and see. Jim Gilcrest would be interesting but I only know about one issue with him.

The local offices are far more important than the presidential race. Even if we put a president in office he would either be assassinated or congress would ensure that he could make no real changes. Building grassroots organizations and building party membership is what will eventually lead to success. This nation is on the verge of collapse from many fronts. The gas problems, being in over 140 nations with our military, borrowing worthless paper cash from our international enemies to maintain Fascist policies and the coming crash of Social Security may hit us before the Federal Reserve Notes become worthless on their own. But something will happen. We have to be ready to take over leadership on the State levels because the Federal Level will be in total anarchy. We are on the verge of a natural cycle where the Fascist/Socialist policies catch up on the tax and spend politicians and cause a collapse. The question is: Will we be able to pick up the pieces and re-build as our Founders would have wanted or will we become a historical footnote. “There once was a dream of Liberty but the Social Security generation cared more about their own desires than the freedom of their own grandchildren and sold them into debt slavery.”

24 Responses to “Our Interview with Christopher Hansen”

  1. RCAIP Says:

    Good interview, he has my vote, if I was a Nevadan.

  2. Jason Says:

    I admire Mr. Chris Hansen for the things he has done, both politically and socially, and for his vision of the things that are still yet to be done.

    He has with respect to other third parties in the states, created a some what of a sanctum for disillusioned voters for Nevada. I hope he and his party can show some success this fall.

    But to be perfectly honest and truthful to my observations that I have made of Chris through blogs, interviews and sites such as these; a few things should be commented about.

    A few of them could be said as this:
    1) Chris no man is an island. You can not blast those that are not in agreement with you or that differ from you in opinion. Remember tact will go along ways in bringing people to the table—so to speak.

    2) You seem to be angry with all of those that are oppossed to you and your stance. You continuously spout out jargon which makes you sound like a paronoid extremist yourself. A label that you are all to quick to use on others that do not share your ideals.

    3) If you continue to go down this path of isolationism and are dead set on burning bridges, you will soon find yourself with no support. You seem to feed off rift and dysfunction. You never fail to seize the moment to undermine the Constitution Party, and it seems if it were not the CP it would be someone else.

    4) Your rhetoric is abusive and extreme in nature especially when you start speaking of your doomsday prophesy. Let’s just get back to the things that people are disenchanted with; presently, and in our current situation. We have so much to agree on, so much work to do, and so much can be accomplished by conforming to, not seperating from.

    Chris I think we can all agree that America’s politics, it’s social culture and it’s policies are contrary to what was intended and what is right. So lets stop with the “My back is against the wall and it’s me against the world” renegade talk. You seem to possess political intellect and a personal drive that is admirable. Why not out think those that are against you?

    So please, for the greater good of all the people who are under your “tent,” regardless of party affilliation, start using your influence to promote harmony ‘with the sheep not of your flock’ instead of promoting and applauding the dissolving of it. You feel that you have been wronged by the CP so you wish it death. Chris with this attitude and nasty disposition do you ever expect to receive anything from it? Have you ever once thought, that if you or one of your canidates made a good showing but ran out of funds, who you would turn to? You wouldn’t turn to the CP NHQ, no, it would be people like me (CP members) who would be willing to support your canidates. Because we would be in almost (as in 99.9%) agreement on issues. How many times have “minor” canidates ran out of money along the way? Jim Gilchrist comes to mind as the latest.

    So Mr. Hansen, will you rethink your stance? If not for the NHQ, for the folks like me. There are strength in numbers Mr. Hansen and victory in few.

    Very Respectively,
    Jason B. Corley

  3. NewFederalist Says:

    Really nice piece of work, Austin. Thanks for putting forth all this effort. I agree with Mr. Corley that Mr. Hansen came across with an “edge” that probably will not help his vote totals nor his ability to attract favorable media attention. While I may understand where he is coming from (and perhaps even a little bit of why) smooth is better than rough. I guess it is all in the marketing.

  4. Mike Grimes Says:

    As a member of Minnesota’s Independence party the discussion of the word Independence within the party name was very intresting. I personally hate the don’t because I believe our party needs to be something more then just a tool for independent candidates, and the name makes that difficult. There has been discussion that we could change the name after this election cycle, but Christophers point is a good one. We all want to be Independents or in our case Independence, we appeal to the independent voter, and we allow our candidates a wide range of Independence Christopher has convinced me that there is no need to change the name of our party.

  5. Jason Says:


    In theory there is certainly nothing wrong with that thought. It is a fact that many registered voters do not cast their allegiance either way, such as an independent voter.

    In light of this, what you have as an “independent” is a disillusioned voter who is not interested in any affiliation with any party; yes that includes even the Independent Party. You see I am a registered independent voter in Louisiana but I am not a member of any Independent party there. When I was 18 and registered to vote, I did not know what party I belonged too and I have never changed it. I have voted Republican every time I have cast my vote. Presently I am an active supporter of the Constitution Party. And if they continue to run candidates and bring in strong characters such as Gilchrist, I will support them until the end.

    As of right now the country is experiencing something new in terms of voters in America. Less than three-fourths of the nation’s registered voters are registered “Democratic” or “Republican.” The percentage of voters registered “independent” or as members of minor parties now exceeds 25% of the total voters and not to mention the small percentage of “other”. For instance, Louisiana has approximately 475,000 indpendent/misc voters in its state. The first party who can get their act together, act functional at all levels, and bring these “lost children” in will greatly benefit from it. We talk about grass-roots politics, well than they are the seeds.

    So here is my point, why not actively pursue these voters and bring them into the fold? From a numbers stand point, what ever “tent” they decide to meet under has now greatly improved its political prospects. The people are independent obviously because they do not cast allegiance with the two major parties. So you give them an alternative and in doing so you will instantly become a legitimate party. But you can do this when you are busy “disaffiliating,” making paranoid accusations like the Government blew up the WTC, and competing on who can be more paranoid, ect.

    Largely as it stands now, what we have is a loose confederation of “splinter” third parties who will never unite and never win. We’ve been resolved to a gathering of dysfunctional belligerents who are perfectly happy with going after one another’s throats. Until we have effective leadership, total unity, and a clear destination we will be happy with voting Republican in ’06 and ’08.

    Lets hope we will not be wandering in the wilderness forever.

  6. RCAIP Says:


    I think the reason why Chris is angry with the CP and he continues down his path is because: if you have members of a political party that are so hostile to your religious faith and political views and conduct petty, but personal attacks on you and your state affilliate, plus try to exclude your party from the national one. And not only that but the national Chair refuses to endorse you and continues to pander to the fanactics while keeping you in the Party- wouldn’t you lose your cool eventually?

    There are people in the CP, maybe not for long, but there are people that cannot be reasoned with, or even work with. Party unity really only goes so far. I don’t blame Chris for his attitude, because I feel the same way.

    I am a member of the California AIP, and also a County Chair, and I’ve had friends that were of the fundamentalist persuasion that stabbed me in the back, I know how Chris feels, and if I was in his shoes, I would’ve done the same thing to fight- I don’t take insults lightly either.

    Chris may not win in 2006, but he’s doing fairly well in his campaign and picking up publicity and endorsements, I think he’ll get a good amount of votes in November; I’d voter for him if I lived up there.

  7. RCAIP Says:

    Another thing- who cares if people join the Party because of the name ‘Independent’?!

    -Its good because such voter registration will keep you ballot qualified and even win you additional votes from people that are not on the right side of the political spectrum.

    If ‘Constitution Party’ was the name of every state affilliate, we’d be the same size as the current Reform Party. In fact I HATE the name ‘Constitution Party’ and would like to see the name changed myself.

    You’re shooting yourself in both feet if you due away with the word ‘Independent’ in your political party.

  8. Jason Says:

    “Another thing- who cares if people join the Party because of the name ‘Independent’?!”

    Thats my point, I would say more than half are not joining the “Independent Party” or even voting for them. If they were, the IP would be a monster comparable to the Rep and Dems.

    I’m saying that no third party (IP, CP, LP, ect) is utilizing these resources very well. Example, if all the registered “independent” voters, voted for IP; how could they ever lose?

    Now just imagine, if lets say, the CP or the IP got 1/3 of these voters to swing their way, how different elections would be.

    That was the point I was trying to make.

  9. Brandon H. Says:

    I can’t speak for everyone, but I join a party because of its stance on the issues, not it’s name. I actually thought Taxpayers was a good name for a party though. Unlike the Republicrats, this party would actually represent the interest of the tax payers.

    I am hoping that Protestant - Catholic - Morman fighting does not tear the CP apart, but it looks like that is already happening.

    Jason, good to see another CP’er from La.

  10. Jason Says:

    I don’t think it will, if the zealots want to hijack our party then we need to show them the door. It’s really that simple. The leadership is aware of those who seek to establish a religious order within the party—and hopefully, their days are numbered. I did not join over my religious convictions: I go to church for that.

    NHQ needs to stamp this out fast and in a hurry before it threatens everything.

    Brandon, I emailed you a quesition. I used your website to find your contact information, hope you do not mind.

  11. Scott T. Whiteman Says:

    To clarify, I referred to Chris Hansen as a “devil worshiping Mormon,” not a “cultist.”

  12. Jason Says:

    Why? So what if he is Mormon? Isn’t this a political party? If not, I need to know now.

  13. Gary Odom Says:

    I’ve never met Chris Hansen personally, but I’ve known his sister, Janine,
    and his mother, Ruth, for about 30 years. In 2004, while doing some political work in Reno, Nevada, I was a houseguest of Janine and her husband, who graciously put up with me for 5 weeks. I had also met Dan Hansen on many occasions. Its just amazing, but in all those years, I somehow missed seeing any member of the Hansen (nuclear or extended) family (devout Mormans as they are) doing any devil worshiping. What I have observed is they are people with a deep, abiding, and genuine faith in God and love of family and country. These are people who practice REAL Christian love in their everyday dealings with people. The Hansen family certainly doesn’t need me to defend them or their faith (of which I am not a member), but I’ll be damned if I’ll sit back and be silent while some Johnny-Come-Lately fanatic who has held himself out to be a leader in the Constitution Party defames these good people as “devil-worshippers.”

    Scott Whiteman is a paid employee and the principle advance man for a certain former candidate who spent a week campaigning in Utah in 2004 and also accepted Hansen hospitality when they set up his campaign events in Nevada. I wonder how many times on those trips, while that candidate was asking for votes from largely Mormon supporters, he, or his staff, told them they were “devil-worshippers?” Oh, I see, it wouldn’t have been expedient then, huh?

    These kind of nutty comments do not represent the Constitution Party leadership or its rank and file members. Frankly, it’s embarrassing to think that anyone, such as Mr. Whiteman, who has represented himself to be some kind of leader in the party would utter such a stupid and irresponsible comment and it’s absolutely inconceivable that he would be proud enough of it to repeat it.

  14. Christopher Hansen Says:

    Hi Jason,

    Thanks for your comments.

    I do not wish the Constitution Party to die. I do not feel wronged by the Constitution Party. I want it to thrive. In order for it to thrive some of the dead wood needs to be cut away to allow for new healthy growth. Hopefully I have facilitated that.

    I do not feel my back is against the wall at all. I feel Christ has got my back so it is well covered.

    In Nevada we are growing by leaps and bounds. I want the Constitution Party to be able to do the same. I have repeatedly welcomed those of all beliefs to join with us and set aside any differences to work against the Beast (the bankers, IRS, the Federal Reserve, etc.) to make America a free country again. Some agree but some refuse. There is nothing I can do about those that hate me or refuse to work with me because of my religious beliefs. I will not surrender my beliefs but I never force them on others.

    We won a big court case today concerning petitioning and stopping the Unions from harassing petitioners trying to lower taxes. We keep having success. The State parties that do not wish to work with us are normally States that are almost dead because of their exclusionary beliefs. On the other hand Nevada’s Independent American Party is becoming a force to be reckoned with.

    You wrote: “Why not out think those that are against you?” I did. They left the party. I stayed. We were not kicked out. I would have won even if we had been kicked out. Plan “B” was in the wings if needed. It was a two edged sword for those that opposed me. They left on their own without me even asking them to. If they want to come back they are still welcome but they will have to stop wasting our time on trying to kick out every one that disagrees with them on abortion. I want all abortions to end. I have a different way to accomplish that goal than the folks that left. They do not like my method. They lost.

    I have no idea what you mean by doomsday prophesy. Please explain.

    And what stance do you want me to re-think? Please explain.

    I do not want anything bad top happen to anyone or anything. I want success for the liberty of all.

  15. Christopher Hansen Says:


    I have heard the “smoother is better” suggestion many times. For years Nevada IAP candidates tried to get into the statewide debates. They tried to be nice and were nicely turned down. I got into the debates by standing up at the last debate and demanding to know why I was not invited. I will be in the debate on June 22nd. It will be televised. I got what “smooth” didn’t get.

    I was told to be smooth when I took over as State Chairman of the IAP. The IAP had failed to have significant growth for 4 years going from 17,422 in January of 2000 AD 17,707 in December of 2003 AD. Then “Mr. Radical” took over. In 2004 AD. As of April 2006AD we have 40,147 registered members.

    I do not care about “good press.” I care about press. I follow the, “Just Spell My Name Right” philosophy. Because I am “controversial” the press wants to cover what I do. If it bleeds it leads. If it causes discussion and argument it leads too. Here is an example: http://www.lasvegasweekly.com/2003/07_03/index.html

    Look at Ann Coulter’s new book. Bestseller! Was she smooth or in your face? (I hate her.)

    I get in the faces of government officials. I sue them. I file complaints with the Ethics Commission. I go after police that violate rights. I hassle judges. I work with Libertarians, Catholics, Gay Rights Activists, members of the Jewish faith, the ACLU, members of Islam, the Minutemen and elected officials. I work with any one on any issue that will help us get our freedom back and I am bold and brash about it and I do not apologize for it because it works. The proof is in the 22,440 increase in membership which is a 127% increase since I became chairman. If you can name another State Party chairman of ANY minor party with a greater increase in both numbers and percentage in 3 years then I want to have a conference call with that person because I want to learn from the master.

    The problem with minor party leaders is they want to get along with everyone. I don’t. I want to find out who is willing to go where angels fear to tread. Lead, Follow or get the Hell out of the way. Right now I am leading. If there is a better leader in Nevada then bring him forward because leading is hard work and I am getting tired. I need to find someone to take over in late 2007 AD but all I can find are people that do not want to be controversial. We will be down to 20,000 members again by 2010 AD unless I can find him/her.

    Rev. 3: 16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. Was that smooth?

  16. Christopher Hansen Says:

    Brandon H.,

    I care very much about Citizen’s Unalienable rights.

    I, however, am not a taxpayer and really care very little about “taxpayer’s rights.”

    Tax payers are different. I am a tax payer. But Taxpayers are IRS voluntary slaves. If they are trying to be free then I support them. If they want to remain taxpayers then I care not what happens to them Soylent Green sounds like a good solution for them.

  17. Christopher Hansen Says:


    I really am not angry. I am bold and forceful but anger is really a waste of time.

  18. Christopher Hansen Says:

    Scott T. Whiteman,

    Thanks Scott for the clarification.

    I was throwing a few of the names into one basket along with mixing together those that had writen what most may consider to be somewhat negitive comments about me and my religion.

    Maybe someday you and I can accomplish some good together. My hand is always extended in friendship.

  19. Christopher Hansen Says:

    Hey Gary Odom,

    I gave your phone number to several government attorneys that are representing the government officials and departments that we are suing. They may be contacting you but I did not have your email address.

    It is about petitioning at the Reno DMV. They may want to depose you.

    I was in depos for two days this week and they need me for 2 more in July. It was exhausting but fun to tell them what liars, thieves and criminal their clients were.

    One attorney tried to force me to give yes or no answers so I threatened to arrest her for subornation of perjury. She didn’t try it again.

    The Deputy Attorney General (defending the Secretary of State) told me I could have him define any words I did not understand so I asked him what the legal definition of “dollar” was since the Constitution says a State can only make gold and Silver Coin as payment in tender of debt.

    He couldn’t tell me so I told him I could not tell him how many “dollars” I made working.

    What fun to confront these Fascists.

  20. Joey Dauben Says:

    I’m sorry guys, but comparing this interview with Allen Hacker’s definitely shows the wide gap in third partyism.

    Please, no hard feelings, but the sheer education level in the tone of this interview has to be at least 9th grade.

    Compared to the Hacker interview, I just…see a very, very big difference in not the platform positions or history, but just the answers. The way they …gah, I can’t even describe it all.

    Someone needs to save the Nevada affiliate. Get it more professionally run.

    (full disclosure: I am in fact a No Exceptionist, as well as the former media consultant for Larry Kilgore, the 2nd place finisher in the Texas GOP gubernatorial primary and former CPer)

  21. Chris Campbell Says:

    Chris Hansen,

    Heard your interview with Erin-well done, go after GOP

    As far as Scott Whiteman, good luck with the hand extended. A gentlemanly thing to do.

  22. Chris Campbell Says:

    “Interestingly enough we get along quite well with the Catholics in the Constitution Party who are very much No Exceptionist because their Pope told them they should be. I am happy to work with them and do work with Catholics. They do not try to force their religious beliefs on me and we work together on issues we agree upon and agree to disagree on others which is how it should be in politics. Many Catholics have contacted me concerned that if the kick the “Mormons” out in Nevada that the Catholics would be next. They had good reason to be concerned.”

    what I told your sister in Tampa, the usual MO in these fights too much, whether Prolife or other issues.

  23. Barbara Robertson Says:

    Christopher Hansen does not tell any of you the Truth. HE is more intolerate of other religions than anyone. IF you disagree with his political philosophy, or self professed religion, he reduces himself to slander, and name calling, the very thing most Americans are tired of, INSTEAD of debating, in law, ANY of the political issues. He is a candidate of extremism, professing an ideology bereft in knowledge and understanding of the American Republic. He claims he reads the founding fathers, but it is a FACT in history that George Washington, and Benjamin Franklin, said BEWARE of political factions; the very thing he advocates. He easily calls another a traitor without ever substantiating facts. When called on the carpet for his inaccuracies, he once again, reduces himself to kindergarten name calling and bullying. This is NOT someone I would ever want even close to the presidency, for he has no diplomacy, and is nearer to a David Koresh or the Kool Aid Jim Jones of Guyana in his religious political philosophy. He is a dangerous man. I can tell you how to find out. Begin to research his self proclaimed religion, which for a minimum yearly contribution of $100.00, one can be an “ordained” minister, and question him regarding it. Do some research on Joseph Smith, and then question his “religious” philosophy. IF you disagree with him he will NOT debate the issues; he will call you a traitor or, if he finds anything in your life he doesn’t like, he will use that as a weapon as he cannot debate the issues, and knows nothing of the geopolitical state of the world. He has done this time and again to folks I know personally, and it is sickening.

  24. RCAIP Says:

    “Do some research on Joseph Smith, and then question his “religious” philosophy.”

    -Are you saying that because he’s LDS, he’s dangerous?

    I’ve spoken to Chris many times on the phone, and one thing’s for sure, Barbara is full of it.

    Why don’t you simply talk to Chris himself in a normal attitude instead of attacking him as Barbara suggests.

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