Your Stories: Tim Peterson

This is the second posting from our Your Stories series of brief, reader-submitted autobiographies. We’re still looking for more… so keep your stories coming!

Today’s submission is from Tim Peterson, the current Libertarian candidate for Wisconsin State Treasurer...

I became a Libertarian way back in the ‘70’s by listening to my older brother debate my father around the dinner table. Both my brother and my father are very sharp folks who pay attention to both current events and study history.

It became clear to me after much debate that my brother always won the debate of the issue of the day because he had a fundamental premise of peace and tolerance that could not be disputed. He further explained this concept of “Common Law” that was the under girding of the US Constitution and the philosophy of the founding fathers. So weather it was the topic of war, drugs, taxes, borders, conscription, subsidies, or whatever, he was socially tolerant and fiscally conservative. This stuck with me and after I graduated from UW - River Falls (BS - Ag Business), I began to see how this impacted me with my pay-stub showing so much theft by government.

That is when I became very active in the Libertarian Party. I ran for WI State Treasurer in 1998, then US Senate, against Herb Kohl in 2000, then against Jim Sensenbrenner in 2002 for US House of Representatives. I never received more than a few percent of the vote, but that does not bother me. I still get to respect myself in the morning knowing that I did the best I could with the resources I was able to muster.

This time I am running for State Treasurer and have a platform based on the need for voter enforced term limits, GAAP Accounting for the state, push for a strong taxpayer advocate and a Taxpayer Bill of Rights.

I hope to attract others who are tired of the same old big government Welfare/Warfare parties of the past. I hope folks will learn that the Libertarian Party has been right on since 1971 and consistently for the Natural Law principles that make this country better than the rest.

Find out more about Tim’s campaign at:

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5 Responses to “Your Stories: Tim Peterson”

  1. George Whitfield Says:

    Thank you, Tim, for your story, and for your commitment and persistence. Best wishes on your campaign.

  2. Rolf Lindgren Says:

    Tim Peterson has been a powerhouse in the Wisconsin LP for a decade. Tim’s campaign is very important for LPWI ballot access.

  3. Tim Peterson Says:

    Thank you George Whitfield. The more funds I raise at my website, the more impact I can have. Personally, I hope more folks look at my campaign and say to themselves, “Hey, I can do that and feel a lot better than I do now the day after the election. I can actually respect myself in the morning.”

    Let the fire of freedom spread.

    Tim “Taxcut” Peterson

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