Nall Falls Short in Petition Drive

Unfortunately it looks like Loretta Nall’s campaign for governor of Alabama will have to continue on as a write-in effort.


The colorful Libertarian Party nominee for governor, Loretta Nall, said Monday she will run as a write-in candidate after failing to get enough signatures to get her name on the general election ballot.

“I’m not dropping out,” Nall said.

Tuesday is the deadline for third-party candidates to turn in voters’ signatures to the secretary of state to get ballot access for Nov. 7. Nall needed 41,300 signatures to get on the general election ballot. She said she and her supporters collected between 10,000 and 15,000 signatures, which she plans to turn in Tuesday to make a point about Alabama having one of the nation’s toughest ballot access laws for third parties.

“In almost any other state, that would have been enough to get ballot access,” she said.

Nall, who founded the U.S. Marijuana Party after her misdemeanor arrest for marijuana in 2002, has already proven to be a colorful addition to the gubernatorial contest even without ballot access. Her Web site discussions about why she doesn’t wear panties and her animated fundraising gimmick, “Stripping for Cash,” have attracted about as much attention on the Internet as the mainstream candidates.

Nall said she plans to keep attracting attention by developing campaign ads that are a parody of the MTV show “Celebrity Death Match.” Candidates will try to knock off each other with over-the-top campaign promises, like trying to prove who hates homosexuals the most, she said.

“I have the best time with these idiots,” she said.

4 Responses to “Nall Falls Short in Petition Drive”

  1. Stuart Richards Says:

    Aww, dammit…

    It’s not Nall’s fault, those ballot access laws are fucking wrong, but still that kills her chances. A shame too… she was running a very serious, viable campaign.

  2. Joe Magyer Says:

    I agree it is a shame, but as an LP member the “Stripping for Cash” thing made me wince.

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