NY Third Parties Endorse Democrats

According to the always excellent Ballot Access News, both the NY Independence Party and the Working Families Party of New York chose to endorse the Democrats in that state’s top two statewide races…

The NY Independence Party...

On June 3, the New York Independence Party state convention nominated leading Democrats for Governor and U.S. Senator. In the gubernatorial race, Eliot Spitzer received 81%, whereas William Weld received 3%. The other delegates abstained. In the U.S. Senate race, Hillary Clinton received 80%, and party member Joseph Farris 16%.

The Working Families Party...

On June 3, the Working Families Party of New York cross-endorsed the Democrats running for U.S. Senator and Governor. For U.S. Senate, Jonathan Tasini, who is critical of U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton’s stance on the Iraq war, had hoped to get at least 25% of the vote, so that he could qualify automatically for the party’s primary ballot. However, he only got 6%.

7 Responses to “NY Third Parties Endorse Democrats”

  1. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Says:

    I have been the token liberal in reactionary groups. I have been the token conservative in radical groups. I think that Hilary Clinton is the last person to talk about reform or anti occupation or getting out of the Gulf and getting off of our addiction to Oil and Empire.

    They can recommend any one they want. Politics is imperfect and full of compromise(s). How ever, I am free to hold my nose as I read the announcemnet. (Ugh!)

  2. Joe Says:

    That’s a shame. Spitzer has refused to shut down the illegal Turning Stone casino.

  3. Joe Says:

    The Constitution of the state of New York outlaws all gambling with three specific exceptions: state lottery, paramutuel horse racing, and charity (church bingo). So casinos are illegal in New York. Under the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, Indians are allowed to operate casinos in states IF gambling is not prohibited AND they are approved by the state legislature.

    Governor Mario Cuomo negotiated a compact with the Oneida Indian nation to operate the Turning Stone casino. The problem is it was never ratified by the state legislature as required by IGRA. So, since 1993, Turning Stone has been operating illegally. Republican Governor George Pataki and Democrat AG Elliot Spitzer have refused to enforce the law. Now Spitzer wants to be our next governor. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled the land under the casino is taxable, and therefore not sovereign territory, yet Spitzer says “the thorny problem of its continued operation is difficult to resolve.” This is a political dodge by a candidate more concerned about his ability to get elected than enforcing the law. It’s passing the buck, and not being true to his words about not being afraid to take on a case because of powerful interests on the other side.

    Now, my party is opposed to gambling, because we believe it promotes an increase in crime, destruction of family values, and a decline in the moral fiber of our country. We are opposed to government sponsorship, involvement in, or promotion of gambling, such as lotteries, or subsidization of Native American casinos in the name of economic development. We are members of the Coalition Against Gambling in New York. CAGNY has many liberal/progressive members who are opposed to casino gambling for reasons of their own, so it seems to me that by endorsing Spitzer, the Working Families Party is making a big mistake. By endorsing Spitzer, the the WFP and the Independence Party are thumbing their noses at the Constitution.

  4. Centrist Chris Says:

    Intresting, Joe. I also wonder why the NYIP did not endorse Weld for governor. Probably because they have a better chance at getting to the 50,000 vote mark for retaining major party ballot status (that they need over their party’s ballot line) with Spitzer. Interestingly, this will also help the LPNY get major party ballot status because then there will be more voters voting for Weld over the LP ballot line.

  5. Otto Kerner Says:


    And yet, Indians have been living in New York since before it was called New York or had a constitution. Why should they need permission to operate casinos?

  6. Eric Sundwall Says:

    You can’t buy a drink or use cash at Turning Stone. May it fail miserably on its own. Taxpayers will probably will bail it out though.

    The news that Weld may be only on the LPNY ballot is indeed good.
    Local Libertarians are already gearing up for easy ballot access in 2007.
    He’s committed to staying LP . . . will it be enough for the forces of Liberty ? Stay tuned.

    Independence and WFP are gutless wonders. Frank McKay manipulated the proxy vote for his faction. The WFP came out against the ‘war’ yet went with rockstar Hillary the Hawk.

    Only the LPNY wrung its hands and tore itself apart over a nominee who doesn’t support drug law reform and many other party principles. New Yorkers now have less choice and conviction in their vote. The fusion option only serves the jackyderms.

  7. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Says:

    The climate is more moderate, but I would take NYS (the birth place of Teddy Roosevelt) and it’s more fair voting and politicking over Mister Hollywood Hype’s Collie Fornia (birth state of Direct Democracy gura 1910 Governor Hiram W. Johnson)...........

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