Wednesday’s Candidate: David Schlosser


David Schlosser for U.S. Congress in Arizona’s first district. He is running as a candidate of the Libertarian Party and is experienced in the public relations field.

Schlosser Announcement

According to his campaign website…

He spent two and a half years campaigning to elect successful two-term governor Bill Graves. After serving Governor Graves as the director of public affairs and consumer protection at Kansas’ utility regulatory commission, Schlosser spent the next four years advocating on behalf of telecommunications, natural resources, and energy industries, and working on banking, law enforcement, and energy efficiency issues, in Kansas, Arkansas, and Washington, DC. He also worked on political campaigns as diverse as city council, state and national legislatures, citizen’s ballot initiatives, and Senator Bob Dole’s presidential announcement.

Schlosser also has one of the nicer campaign websites that I’ve seen from any Libertarian this election cycle.

The website:

12 Responses to “Wednesday’s Candidate: David Schlosser”

  1. George Whitfield Says:

    An impressive candidate!

  2. David Schlosser Says:

    Thanks for this terrific exposure. The organic and viral nature of the Internet is essential for third-party candidates to succeed - and, considering the response of people who are really cheesed off about the shenanigans in DC, this could be a breakthrough year for real alternatives.

  3. Patricia Says:

    your mother loves you!

  4. Bruce Schlosser Says:

    Sodoes your Uncle

  5. Nancy Brown Says:

    Best wishes with your campaign. You clearly recognize voter frustration with politics as usual. You understand the issues that are important to the constituents in your district, and are doing a great job of articulating your philosophy for change. I just wish you were running in KC, MO so that I could vote for you!

  6. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Says:

    Nationwide 2006 and 2008!

    Is there not more than a small hand full of independents, Minor Party, and Micro Party types whom would not benefit greatly from hundreds of millions of bumper stickers with DUMP INCUMBANTS! in striking colors and letters? Why isn’t EVERYONE out side of the Democans and the Republicrats cranking these babies out by the ton, especially this year, next, and 2008?

    Kudos to Libs for the wonderful work on FREE images from the Public Domain such as Thomas Jefferson (Nickel, Montecello, TJ Memorial, and Mount Rushmore), cracked Liberty Bell and Statue of Liberty as party icons.

    Look at the pitifull lack of effort and imagination by VETS, Greens, reformers, and so called Constitution types on any thing beyond the Eagle Head! (Standing out by blending in?)

    When is LP going to do the Incumbant sticker and then the Public Domain of the 1775 Fort Latruois (Charleston, South Carolina victory over the British and sight of 1864 ‘Glory’ charge of the African American soldiers) flag with blue field, crescent moon and block L-I-B-E-R-T-Y?

    It is FREE, it is Public Domain, it is available through any full service flag retailer and history has custom made it for the LP? Duh!

  7. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Says:

    Mrs Brown, related to Ray ‘Butter’ Brown and Ann Brown of Hickman Mills, Ruskin Heights, Ruskin Hills?
    [email protected], 619.420.0209, Ruskin High, U of Misery…....

  8. Chris Campbell Says:

    “Frodo” needs to take lessons from this fellow-this guy is more “electable” lookingand sounding—go LP for this fellow!

  9. Gary Dale Cearley Says:

    Best of luck to him. I really hope Schlosser wins!

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