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Constitution Party - Ex-TV personality Mary Starrett, an abortion foe, looks for nomination

The party will meet Saturday to nominate its candidate for governor, and Starrett seems to be strongly positioned to win. Party Chairman Bob Ekstrom has been saying for weeks that his party had lined up a strong candidate but wouldn’t identify that person.

Starrett’s candidacy could affect an already fractured race for governor. In addition to Democratic incumbent Ted Kulongoski and Republican Ron Saxton, state Sen. Ben Westlund of Bend is running as an independent. The Pacific Green Party has nominated Joe Keating, a Portland environmental activist, and the Libertarian Party may choose its nominee this weekend.

Starrett, 51, said she wasn’t concerned that her candidacy could pull votes away from Saxton, who supports the right to an abortion but with additional restrictions such as parental notice and a waiting period.

“Your point being there is a difference between Ted and Ron, and there isn’t,” she replied. “If the Republicans were doing their job, I wouldn’t be doing this.”

Starrett co-hosted “AM Northwest” on KATU (2) for more than a decade until leaving the station in 1997. She later had a talk show on KPDQ 800, a Christian radio station in Portland. She now splits her time between Arizona, where her husband lives, and a home near Newberg.

She recently helped start an anti-abortion group, Oregonians for Life, after concluding that Oregon Right to Life was too willing to compromise and not pushing hard enough to end abortion.

If she wins the nomination, Starrett said she will campaign on a wide range of issues.

“Conservative voters are so ready for something like this,” she said, “and it really is not going to be about me. It is going to be about the choices they have.”

Republican strategist Tim Nashif, the political director of Oregon Right to Life, said a Starrett candidacy could have an impact on a close race even if she wins just 1 percent or 2 percent of the vote.

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  1. Gary Odom Says:

    Mary Starrett is also a board member of Mothers Against the Draft and some biographical information can be found relating to her on their website.

  2. Chris Campbell Says:

    And we cheer her on!! Go Mary!!

  3. hagly Says:

    thank you for your work

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