Tuesday’s Candidate: Dick Clark


Dick Clark is running for Alabama State Representative in the 79th District. He is the Libertarian Party nominee and will face the State House minority leader in the Fall.

Clark is a recent graduate of Auburn University with a B.A. in English (concentration in Technical and Professional Communication) and a minor in Philosophy. He’s currently employed as a librarian, archivist, and copyeditor by a private educational institute in Auburn.

Clark has been politically active as a libertarian, serving on the Libertarian Party of Alabama’s Executive Committee as Auburn District Chairman (2002-2004; 2005-2006), At-Large Representative (2004-2005), and Chairman (2006-Present).

In 2002, he ran for Alabama Public Service Commission, Place 1, garnering 36,639 votes (3%) in a three-way race.

The website: http://www.citizenclark.com

9 Responses to “Tuesday’s Candidate: Dick Clark”

  1. undercover_anarchist Says:

    I like how he derides so-called “progressives” for gasp having the audacity to be offended by the admittedly racist language in his state’s constitution. Was it really necessary to take a potshot? Other than that, he seems like a good canddidate.

  2. undercover_anarchist Says:

    plus, I might add he’s got a good beat and I can dance to him.

  3. Jackcjackson Says:

    Where is the commentary on the “racist language”?

  4. undercover_anarchist Says:

    In his platform, RE: the Alabama Constitution. What he says is legit, but he undermines his own point with the potshot at “progressives”—when he believes the same thing that they do in this case (as any sane, non-racist would).

  5. Hammer of Truth » The LP’s Oldest Teenager Says:

    [...] Dick’s campaign was awarded the Candidate of the Day award by Third Party Watch yesterday. Here’s the citation: Dick Clark is running for Alabama State Representative in the 79th District. He is the Libertarian Party nominee and will face the State House minority leader in the Fall. [...]

  6. Dick Clark Says:

    Folks, the language I use in my constitutional reform plank is intended for an Alabama audience which would be familiar with the ongoing calls for a constitutional rewrite. The rewrite proponents often come-on to folks by claiming that the Alabama constitution is the “longest in the world,” that it is racist, etc. The problem is that the folks who are most avidly supporting the rewrite are those that want to eliminate budget earmarking and thus bring Alabama into a new era of general slush fund politics.

    I am certainly not a racist, and I absolutely and unconditionally favor any constitutional amendment that would soley remove racist verbiage. The problem is that in 2004 there was actually a constitutional amendment on the general election ballot that both removed racist language and created a “right to education” that would have allowed for non-voter-approved tax increases to cover education expenditures.


  7. Dick Clark Says:

    (Okay, I realize I didn’t expand my last point above…)

    It is certainly intentional that people who oppose a ground-up constitutional rewrite are made to look like racists. And, by the way, I fully intended the word “progressive” to be interpreted in the same sense as one would if it were used to talk about a “progressive tax.” Progressives believe in disuniform treatment of the citizenry by government, and that is tyranny, plain and simple. I feel that the term “progressive” has been around long enough for most folks to recognize what it means in American politics.

    As the Wikipedia article on Progressivism states, “As a broad characterization of political leanings, political progressivism mostly refers to social liberalism, social democracy, or green politics.”

    Those sound like the bad guys to me.


  8. paulie cannoli Says:

    dictionary.com says

    Pathology. Tending to become more severe or wider in scope: progressive paralysis.

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