Gordon named LP Communications Director

A big congratulations to Stephen Gordon from over at Hammer of Truth as he has been named as the new Communications Director for the Libertarian Party.

The full HoT announcement is viewable here.

This portion of the note from Shane Cory also sums up my feelings on the matter:

We have a very small staff in D.C. so it’s very important that we hire people who do more than come up with “bright ideas” and only talk about them. We must have people with not only vision but with the ability to see a task to completion.

Stephen fits that bill but more importantly, he doesn’t fear success because he doesn’t fear failure. This trait is invaluable if you are going to truly commit yourself to America’s third party.

This is a really exciting development that suggests to me the party might be getting serious about trying to win some elections.

2 Responses to “Gordon named LP Communications Director”

  1. KenH Says:

    I just happened to go to Hammer of Truth a few minutes after the news was posted yesterday.

    As a Libertarian I am very excited about this move by the LNC.

  2. Joe Magyer Says:

    I think was a great move for the LP. Stephen has a great deal of experience and should be able to provide some veteran leadership for the DC team. Good stuff.

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