Broadhurst Endorsed By UAW

Owen Broadhurst, a Green Party candidate for Massachusetts State Representative, has won an endorsement from the United Auto Workers.

The press release follows…

Green-Rainbow Party candidate for State Representative in the Third Hampden District, Owen R. Broadhurst of Agawam, discloses his endorsement by the United Auto Workers, Massachusetts State Community Action Program Council. Mr. Broadhurst expects to be on the November ballot, and intends to turn in his 150 certified signatures to the Western Massachusetts office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth on Monday morning.

Mr. Broadhurst expresses gratitude for United Auto Workers support, and pledges his support for the collective bargaining rights of working people in the district. “I was informed by the United Auto Workers MA State CAP Council on April 20th, and again in a letter dated April 24, that I have secured the union’s endorsement, ” Broadhurst noted. “I believe the Council was impressed by my continued and unwavering support for both the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Collective Bargaining Convention adopted by the General Conference of the International Labor Organization. For the United Auto Workers, I have immense respect and I must extend to them again my gratitude for this endorsement.”

Mr. Broadhurst observed that as a state legislator he would do more to support the freedom of workers to choose a union. “I firmly support mandatory card check recognition, majority authorization legislation, and employer neutrality. The National Workrights Institute has observed that the right to organize is the workplace expression of the Consitutionally guaranteed right to freedom of association. I solidly support this most basic and essential of human rights.”

“I very much oppose state or municipal funding of contracts with entities that refuse to remain neutral during organizing drives, and believe all so funded must grant union card check recognition if majority support is demonstrated. Neither state nor local funds should ever be used against organizing drives. I will resist paycheck deception proposals, oppose any weakening of workplace safety laws and regulations, and urge the passage of Living Wage legislation. I support an indexing of the minimum wage to the rate of inflation, and embrace a single-payer health plan. I support the strengthening and expansion of whistle-blower protections, and very much oppose the privatization of public resources.”

“I believe working families appreciate the need for such things, and am pleased that the United Auto Workers agree.”

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