CP Candidate Lauderdale Leaves Race

Florida’s only minor party Congressional candidate has dropped out of his race, from the Orlando Sentinel...

U.S. Rep. Alcee Hastings has been re-elected to an eighth term because the Miramar Democrat’s only opponent has withdrawn.

Constitution Party of Florida candidate Carl J. Lauderdale IV of Tamarac had written a $6,484 check to cover his qualifying fee May 12, but it never was processed, state elections spokeswoman Susan Smith said. Lauderdale, 29, a software engineer, said he decided to drop out last week because his wife is having a difficult pregnancy.

Hastings is the fifth of Florida’s 25-member U.S. House delegation to win re-election unchallenged. All five are Democrats. Other unopposed Florida representatives are Allen Boyd of Monticello, Corrine Brown of Jacksonville, Robert Wexler of Delray Beach and Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Weston.

41 Responses to “CP Candidate Lauderdale Leaves Race”

  1. Dale Bennett Says:

    Do you want to know what is wrong with the U.S. election system? When 5 of 25 U.S. House delegates go unchallenged, that says it all. Has running for public office become that overwhelming?

  2. Kyle B Says:

    I have never figured out why the CP isn’t more active in Georgia. They haven’t even made an effort lately to get ballot access in Georgia

  3. Gary Odom Says:

    Georgia has good leadership. That state, along with Oklahoma and North Carolina, (and I’m probably forgetting one or two) suffers from extremely oppressive ballot access laws.

    Often the national campaign has to allocate its resources to the places where the party has the best chance to get on the ballot. Due to the asymmtry of ballot qualification laws you can usually qualify several states, each having as many or more electoral votes as Georgia, with less money than it would take to qualify Georgia.

    That having been said, it will happen. My guess is that in 2008 the Constitution Party will nominate a candidate who is nationally recognized, who has charisma and an enthusiastic following and who will raise a great deal of money. Assuming that happens, Georgia will be on the ballot and so will all the others.

  4. undercover_anarchist Says:

    His wife is having a difficult pregnancy? That’s rich. I can’t think of anything witty enough but just imagine that I said the cruelest, most offensive thing possible because if I could think of something suitable, I would say it myself.

  5. Gary Odom Says:

    We know you would, UA. You’re such a classy person.

  6. Fred C Says:

    I’m still waiting for the day repressive ballot-access keeps anyone from filing for certain seats, making it easier for government-by-appointment to take hold.

  7. Kyle B Says:

    the LP hasn’t let “oppressive ballot laws” keep them from being really active in Georgia. on top of that in the elections in Georgia over the past couple years I have seen more action from the Green and various socialist parties the out of the CP.

    In fact only action from Georgia CP I have seen is them endorsing a Republican Candidate for Governor who’s main issue is having another vote on the design of the state flag

  8. Gary Odom Says:

    I will concede that, being in California, I might not know all there is about the specific details of what’s going on in Georgia and perhaps I violated my own rule about commenting on something where I don’t know all the facts.

    What I said about the ballot laws in Georgia and those other states stands, however. If the LP has overcome these obstacles and achieved ballot access and maintained its ballot position there, I salute them. “Activity”, however, outside of getting on and staying on the ballot means little . You might stay busy, but you’re not really a political party until you are on the ballot offering candidates.

    I see, in these pages a lot of jealousy and insecurity displayed by members of all of the 3rd Parties toward the existence and success of other third parties. It’s almost juvenille! It certainly is petty. Every time a 3rd party enjoys a success, it’s another brick knocked from the major party wall.

    The LP has shown a certain ability to motivate activists and organize across the country. They are resilient and continue to make slow progress. They should be given credit for this. Whether they can take this and turn it into national vote totals in line with Perot or George Wallace or beyond remains to be seen. The CP, which of course, has not been around as long as the LP, might not enjoy the same degree of organization nationwide as the LP, but as demonstrated by Gilchrist’s showing in California last fall, it may be closer to the point where, given the right circumstances, it can break through and achieve “big league” vote totals. Time will tell.

    Getting less than 200,000 votes in a Presidential election is nothing for either of our parties to be particularly proud of. Both parties have their work cut out for them.

  9. Kyle B Says:

    The Georgia LP has actually won some local elections in the state

  10. Chris Campbell Says:

    I met Lauderdale-nice guy, bets to him and his wife. Maybe next go around.

    Yes, every uncontested election should be contested, esp by CP or LP.

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