The LP Website Redesign: Looks Promising!

From a very shakey start when I saw the first drafts of a redesign, things are now starting to look very promising…

Any thoughts? Comments?

10 Responses to “The LP Website Redesign: Looks Promising!”

  1. Matt Sterba Says:

    Is there a sybolic reason why the Staue of Liberty is faceless?

  2. Gary Odom Says:

    Nice looking site. Well done. What’s with the latin?

  3. PoliticalCritic Says:

    Great blog. I’m glad to see someone is covering politics without the liberal or conservative bias.

  4. Stuart Richards Says:

    It’s shaping up… I’m not crazy about the new logo but okay, that’s fine. It works, it does the job.

    And the Flash will be great… assuming they make a few every month or something so it stays fresh and topical.

  5. George Whitfield Says:

    I’m sending the video clip to everyone I know. It’s funny and effective.

  6. Rock Howard Says:

    The new design is now live. Purple and Gold works for me. The flash is cool too.

  7. Brian Says:

    Love the new site, looks great and well organized. Looks promising, a good start to what I hope is a great campaign season.

    -Libertarian in Florida

  8. Chris S. Says:

    I remember reading something about a Candidate Tracker. Is that going to be part of the new website?

  9. bronze Says:

    The site looks eye catching and accessible. I miss the reddish whitish bluish of the previous site.

  10. Rob Hodgkinson Says:


    Yes - there will is planned to have a “candidate tracker” - I believe that it will help all LP candidates to have “metrics” to base success or failure by rather than the “moral victory” so many LP candidates of the past have leaned on. We have to start growing up as a party.

    FYI - I am the Kansas LP state chair - so my opinion is biased.

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