Phillies Campaign Posts New Video

A new anti-war “concept ad” from the Phillies for President campaign…

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  1. mmachine Says:

    Very unprofessional looking, the rock music was generic and lame, and the voice over was horrible. 1/10

  2. Will Says:

    If this is the best they can come up with, then we’re in real trouble here! The biggest problem is the voice-over. Is that how the candidate sounds? If so then he needs to either drop out of the race or start immediately taking voice acting lessons to beat the nerd-sound out of his voice. Not good.

  3. Jake Porter Says:

    The campaign emphasizes that these are concept videos, not finished ads. The timing has not been trimmed exactly, the public-domain images have not been replaced with top-of-the-line proprietary images, voiceover and musical backgrounds are suggested, and the legally-mandated candidate statement has not been inserted. However, for potential supporters and donors, these ads will capture the tone of the campaign.

  4. Jake Porter Says:

    If this is the best they can come up with, then we’re in real trouble here!

    Who is we’re? Have you donated, or volunteered your time to the campaign?

    Anyway, I thank you both for your opinions. I do listen to your opinions even if I disagree with them.

    If some of you reading this think you can do better, I encourage you to volunteer your time to the campaign, volunteer for another campaign, or start your own campaign.

  5. Tim West Says:


    seriously - get a Mac. PC’s just are not in the same league. It’s the software.

  6. Jake Porter Says:


    What software is it that you use? I liked the videos you created.

  7. Tim West Says:

    It only comes with Macs. I used iMovie HD for the first and second one, and exported the second one to a music scoring and creation program called Garageband for the second one. Here’s some links -

    cheapest apple hardware that will work well fo you ( and has the above built in)

    take a look.

  8. Tim West Says:

    oh and get the Duo if you do decide to get one. It crushes the Solo version bad and it’s not much more money.

  9. undercover_anarchist Says:

    I agree. The voice over was unforgivably unprofessional. I have made commercials before. It costs like $50 or less to get a professional voiceover. My cousin works for a company called Speedy Spots ( that does professional voice overs. It’s not a big investment.

    This is my first exposure to Mr. Phillies, and I’m tremendously underwhelmed.

    And it looks like Phillies’ campagin management has the tact of Mr. Badnarik’s as well: “If you think you can do better, go ahead!” “Who is WE? Did you DONATE to the campaign?” No, and after seeing this commercial, I sure as hell don’t feel inspired to do so.

  10. Tim West Says:


  11. Jake Porter Says:


    Thanks for the link. I am sure we will need something like that in the future and I have bookmarked it in Firefox. I also want you to remember that these ads are just what we call concept ads. As far as I know, there is no plan to show these ads on television.

    And it looks like Phillies’ campagin management has the tact of Mr. Badnarik’s as well: “If you think you can do better, go ahead!” “Who is WE? Did you DONATE to the campaign?”

    I do apologize for that.

    You may be interested to know this information;

    The Phillies 2008 Campaign has committed to supporting development of a general use Libertarian web site under a name to be announced. The site will let Libertarians across America interact. The new site, to become visible before the 2006 National Convention, will feature editorials, contributions from readers, reader comments, recommended contributions, and other features widely seen on political sites of progressive Democrats. In order to launch the site, Phillies 2008 has committed $1500 for preliminary site development.

    You can read more at the website.

  12. Chris Moore Says:

    Sounds a lot like LibertyMix.

  13. undercover_anarchist Says:

    Thanks for the added info, Mr. Porter.

  14. Austin Cassidy Says:


    I think I killed the ad. Let me know if you see it again… hehe, sorry. Gotta pay the bills for this thing somehow.


  15. Stuart Richards Says:

    Hmm… well, since it’s a concept ad I’ll withhold judgment. Clearly they’re doing what they can right now, and it’s still a ways out before this thing heats up.

    I would recommend fine-tuning a few aspects of the ad for different demographics, though. The rock music is fine if you’re running this on, say, MTV, or some other place where youth, music and politics might mix. But otherwise, it’s gotta go… rock music screams “fringe” to anyone in the political mainstream. Replace it with some patriotic anthem, most likely, for those guys. I’d honestly make 2 final versions of the ad.

    The animals thing would normally be a bad idea, but maybe it’ll work now that both main parties are generally disliked. It’s probably a bad idea to emphasize the party over the candidate, though. They’ll get that Phillies is a Libertarian, but it’s much easier to make them like Phillies than it is to make them like Libertarians. If they like Phillies, and they find out he’s a Libertarian, then it’s different… but name recognition of the candidate is most important.

    Also, this doesn’t apply to this ad but you guys ought to make an ad focusing on the immigration issue, and emphasize any sovereignty issues related to immigration that you may support (aka building a wall, making sure only legal immigrants are here, etc.) because it’s looking like that’s where the votes are. Well, honestly, make two immigration ads-one like I just said, and another emphasizing any pro-immigration parts of your platform. Play one in conservative markets and the other in Hispanic markets… in fact, voicing the second one in Spanish might be a good idea too.

    Oh yeah-what video editing software are you using? Adobe Premiere is decent if you’re working on a Windows box… I’ve never done any video editing on a Mac box though so I can’t say which is better. (Tim probably can though. :p)

    At any rate, keep up the good effort.

  16. Tim West Says:


    I know, but that ad just goes over the line…..fake camera shutter clicking every 2 seconds. Too intrusive….kinda like the government. :)

    thanks….it’s been building up for a few months and today when I had to leave the page open while I was cutting and pasting into comments it wuz just freaking insufferable.

  17. Tim West Says:

    if you’re not a pro you cant get better than the iLife 06 on every new mac. PC does noe even BEGIN to compare. I have Final Cut Pro HD as well but I never got the training on that I need to use it well. It’s the standard for TV production.

  18. Jake Porter Says:


    I would like to discuss with you these different types of video editing software. Could you please e-mail me at jakeporter_88 at

  19. Joey Dauben Says:

    Has anyone thought of remaking the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team logo?

    It’s red, white and blue and the P looks kinda neat.

    And, come on, Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell.

    You guys could possibly get in trouble with it, but just think of the 2008 LP convention: a MLB-themed event with Phillies sporting Phillies gear :)

    It’s all in the marketing, folks, all in the marketing…

  20. Jake Porter Says:


    It is a great idea, but I am sure we would find trouble with copyright violations.

    Perhaps we could find a few Phillies players to support George for President.

  21. joe average Says:

    looks like a 12 year old did it.

    terrible ad.

  22. Phil Says:

    Good plot and such I suppose, but don’t show this on TV. A good start.

  23. Jake Porter Says:



    I imagine the plot will stay close to the same, but this ad itself will not be shown on TV. I agree with you that it is best not to show this one of TV.

    In the future, there will be professionals who can recreate the ads and they will already have a plot to sort of follow from.

    These concept ads set a tone for the campaign.

    Joe Average,

    Thanks for your opinion.

    I agree. Just remember this ad is not to be shown on TV. It is a plot. The music will likely change, my voice will not be the one heard on TV, and people with much better video editing software can create something much better.

  24. Jake Porter Says:

    There is the new video.

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