Greens Make Gains in UK

Every once in a while I like to cover an international story, particularly when it’s a party with a US counterpart… like the Greens. In fact, yesterday was a very good day for the Green Party in the United Kingdom as they made some substantial gains in yesterday’s national round of local elections.

From the Guardian...

The Green party was today celebrating gains in the local elections following a nationwide campaign that has seen the environment take centre stage.

Poll results so far from 153 councils out of 176, showed the Green party had won 20 seats, representing a net change of plus 14 across England.

The Greens contested 1,294 seats, of which 12 were coincident byelections, in three quarters of these council areas.

They fought every seat for 16 of these councils. In a further five London boroughs there was at least one Green party candidate in every ward.

Greens also put up candidates in the contests for the directly elected mayors of Watford, Hackney and Lewisham.

Nationwide the Greens made gains including:

· Lewisham - held 1 gained 5.

· Norwich - 4 gains, Green councillors reached a record total of 11 (9 on Norwich city and 2 on Norfolk county council).

· Bristol - 1 gain by 7 votes.

· Sheffield - 1 gain.

· Stroud - 1 gain .

· Oxford - 1 gain, Oxford Green Group now 8.

· Camden - 2 gains in Highgate.

· Islington - 1 gain.

· Lambeth - 1 gain.

Green councillor Darren Johnson, commenting on the success in Lewisham, south-east London, said: “We are absolutely delighted. We proved what a difference we could make with one councillor - people saw that and wanted more. Absolutely delighted.”

Councillor Rupert Read of Norwich, where the Greens made four gains, said: “This is an extraordinary result. This gives us the chance to have much more leverage in the council on vital issues such as stopping incineration and affordable housing.

“The people of Norwich have shown enormous faith in us, and we expect to reward them by going from strength to strength and delivering the Green policies that people so clearly want.”

The British National Party (BNP), an often controversial right-wing entity, also made some dramatic gains.

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  1. bronze Says:

    It seems that Greens are making gains in places where “controversial right wingers” are also growing. What are Greens going to do when they have enemies gunning (figuratively but possibly literally) for them?

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