Diamond Polling at 16% in PA

From Ballot Access News...

On April 29, Rasmussen Polls released a Pennsylvania gubernatorial poll, showing incumbent Democratic Governor Ed Rendell at 40%, Lynn Swann (Republican nominee, former football star) at 36%, independent Russ Diamond at 16%.

3 Responses to “Diamond Polling at 16% in PA”

  1. NewFederalist Says:

    Go Russ! He really helped to blow the whistle on the corrupt legislators who voted themselves a pay raise at 2 am before adjournment. He is unlikely to win but who knows? Jesse Ventura did it!

  2. Kyle B Says:

    Has anyone heard how Independent John Dashler is doing in his campaign in Georgia for Governor. I know he had to collect 40,000 signatures to get on the ballot but I haven’t heard much about his progress in this area.

  3. Mik Robertson Says:

    Needing only 40,000 signatures to get on the ballot sounds good to me at this point. In Pennsylvania, all minor party and independent statewide candidates need 67,070 signatures to get on the ballot this November.

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