Your Stories: Jon Airheart (Libertarian)

This is the first of what I hope will be a long series of “Your Stories” features. If you missed my explanation, it’s basically a chance for readers to write in and explain how they came to be a member of their party and what kind of active role they’ve taken since joining.

Today’s submission comes from Jon Airheart, a Libertarian of some note…

I first heard of the Libertarian Party in 1999 after visiting the presidential campaign website of Harry Browne. I clicked on a link to hear his streaming radio show and was enthralled by everything he was saying. He was articulating exactly how I felt for years but could never quite express. After 20 minutes or so I called in to clarify his position on Social Security. Just like that, in 60 minutes time I had discovered my political home AND was actually talking to the presidential candidate I would be voting for. I was quite humbled at the experience. How could it have been so easy? It would’ve been next to impossible to talk to Bush or Gore - and still is.

Soon after I joined the Libertarian student group at UT Austin and became co-president for 3 years. In between work, school and the group, I somehow found time to run for Justice of the Peace in 2002. I got 13% against a Democrat. Then in January 2004 I took off with Michael Badnarik on his quest for the presidential nomination of the LP. In five months we campaigned in 42 states and drove 25,000 miles in my Kia Sephia (RIP). After the nomination, we took to the skies and I would find over 70 plane ticket stubs in my pockets after the campaign was over.

The more dramatic details include getting towed out of a snow bank in the Rocky Mountains, getting a standing ovation from a room of 1,000 at the LP national convention, and bailing Michael out of jail after being arrested at the 2nd presidential debate in St. Louis. It was an all-consuming 11-month adventure that I will never forget for the rest of my life.

I am currently the Assistant Campaign Manager on Michael’s 2006 campaign for US Congress in Texas’ 10th district which runs from North Austin to Houston.

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  1. George Whitfield Says:

    Thanks Jon for sharing your story. It was interesting. And your efforts for Michael running for Congress in Texas are inspiring. Keep up the good work. It is much appreciated.

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