NYLP Nominates Weld

The New York Libertarian Party has nominated Bill Weld for governor…

The Libertarian Party nominated Republican Bill Weld for New York state governor today at a meeting in Albany.

The former Massachusetts governor won the vote over opponent Donald Sillberger, a math professor and researcher at SUNY New Paltz. Sillberger lost in three rounds of balloting. Weld only needed a two-thirds vote.

Weld will seek the Republican nomination at the party’s state convention in May over former Assembly minority leader John Faso.

The value of a third party to Republicans in a Democrat-dominated state extends beyond enrollment figures. Running on the third line gives Democrats a way to choose a Republican candidate without voting Republican.

14 Responses to “NYLP Nominates Weld”

  1. Rolf in Wisconsin Says:

    this is a very smart move for the New York LP.

    Weld is a moderate libertarian.

    I noticed that a columnist in New York says Weld won’t get the 50,000 votes for ballot access, which I find difficult to believe.

    Is there any truth to this assertion?

  2. ms Says:

    If Weld does not get the nomination, will he still run? I’m happy with the choice and will vote for him on the LP line.

  3. Tim West Says:

    yes, he said he will run no matter what.

  4. George Whitfield Says:

    Bill Weld has made a great political investment and so has the NY Libertarian Party. I understand why he was successful in private equity: he is able to see the eventual return from an undervalued entity. And the NY LP has moved up to a higher level of significance by its nomination of Weld. This is a great development. Congratulations to both are in order.

  5. Michael Says:

    Get 50,000? He just might place third statewide.

  6. Chris Moore Says:

    Isn’t he considered the front-runner for the Republican nomination? If so, he very well may win. Just not on the Libertarian line.

    The problem isn’t him getting 50,000 votes. He has to get 50,000 on the Libertarian line, which isn’t impossible or even increadibly hard if he wins the Repub. nomination. But we could still win the election and only get 5,000 votes as a Libertarian.

  7. Tim West Says:

    yeah, he’ll do better than 50K. The LPNY just put itzelf into good position to be a actual player for years.

  8. Austin Cassidy Says:

    In the past I seem to remember a candidate (Cuomo?) getting the Liberal nomination, losing the Democratic nomination, and then failing to win 50,000 votes. So it’s not in the bag by any means.

    However, with or without the GOP nomination… Weld has a better chance of hitting the 50,000 vote mark than any Libertarian candidate would have.

    Either way the Democrat, Spitzer, has this race virtually locked up.

  9. Joey Dauben Says:

    You guys are smoking marijuana if you think there’s a chance any guy not named Spitzer will win this race in November.

    But kudos for the NYLP. Much better than that Howard Stern experiment.

  10. Fred C Says:

    IIRC, Cuomo not only lost the Dem nomination but actually dropped out and endorsed the democrat, while the Liberals kept him on their line (though I dont recall if this was because of the law or due to their own neglect).

  11. Thomas L. Knapp Says:

    It’s highly unlikely that Weld will win the general election. On strictly pragmatic terms, it’s best for the LP if Weld loses the GOP nomination race as well. He’ll probably rake in well over 50,000 votes from Republicans who are not “social conservatives,” who are tired of “social conservatives” running their party, and who know that the Republican candidate isn’t going to win no matter how they vote.

  12. Robert Capozzi Says:

    Don’t count Weld out just yet, Thomas. Spitzer is proving to be a poor candidate. He referred to upstate NY as “Appalachia,” which hasn’t gone over well. Weld is super smart, articulate, and could crush the stiff Spitzer in debate.

    NY may be a “blue state,” but look at the history. GOP governors, senators, etc. often. Even NYC has had YEARS of GOP mayors. Upstate is often GOP, NYC often D, but the swing counties around NYC make all the difference in close races.

    Weld’s tax plan is brilliant “bottom up” tax cutting. Weld’s fiscal conservative, social liberal, moderate libertarianism could be a big winner in Nov. NY GOP leadership is all behind Weld. Watch for the challenger to get the Lt. Guv slot.

  13. Kyle B Says:

    last time I saw Spitzer was way ahead in the polls and in fundraising. In fact most of the analysis I have seen in this race has placed it in the Safe Democrat column.

  14. Thomas L. Knapp Says:


    I said “highly unlikely,” not “impossible.” If things go according to the common wisdom, Faso will win the GOP nomination and Spitzer will win the general election.

    Things don’t ALWAYS go according to the common wisdom, and I wish the LPNY and Weld the best, but until I see something that indicates a different outcome is likely, I’m not going to get excited about the prospect for victory (I am, however, excited about the prospect of new successes and a higher profile for the LPNY in any case).

    Tom Knapp

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