Watch a Badnarik Billboard Being Deployed!

This is kind of nifty…

10 Responses to “Watch a Badnarik Billboard Being Deployed!”

  1. George Whitfield Says:

    I’m smiling, I’m loving it, and I’m sending another contribution to Michael Badnarik’s campaign!

  2. ms Says:

    Why didn’t he put his website on the billboard or even his name? It seems Badnarik is only in the fine print.

  3. Jon Airheart Says:


    You’ll have to wait and see. It was deliberate to leave those off. This is only the beginning of a long ad campaign… Thanks for your interest.

    Jon Airheart
    Assistant Campaign Manager
    Badnarik for Congress

  4. Jake Porter Says:

    I think I know why the name and website were left off the billboard . If I am correct, then it is a very smart advertising move and will make sense to everyone in the future.

    Jake Porter
    Web Development and Video Advertising teams
    Phillies for President

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