Liberty For Sale Goes Off-Line

This post over at Hammer of Truth confirms what I was afraid of when I attempted to visit earlier today.

Apparently due to Tim’s health condition and a bad database crash… he’s decided to take the site off-line for good. When I first started blogging about third parties, I had three essential sites that I visited each and every day. The only one that still exists is Richard Winger’s Ballot Access News.

LibertyForSale now joins Ken Sain’s old blog, which was forced to shut down in December.

Obviously, I wish Tim the very best and a speedy recovery. And it’s clear that he’s certainly not done with his work as a Libertarian reformer.

Below is Tim’s message explaining everything, from Hammer of Truth:

Liberty For Sale suffered a data base failure that looked rather involved tonight. I took this as a sign, and for a number of reasons, I have decided to put a bullet to the head of L4S. I have killed it dead with no remorse and deleted all the content within. I have also deleted all my backups.

Being a lightning rod for discontent within the LP is no longer something I wish to persue, mainly for very practical reasons. I simply can’t type well anymore, with one hand unable to be used due to my medical problems, posting is a real problem. I’m no longer able to make the level of entries required to keep the site fresh, and newer sites such as HoT have had much more effectiveness.

After my recent medical issues, I find that the back and forth required to maintain the level of discourse required to keep the pressure on the LP to change hearts and minds is something I can no longer do and yet make sure that my frame of mind is where it properly belongs as concerns my illness. Getting well again is my first priority, and anything that hinders that process can’t be tolerated.

It may seem very strange after what has happened to me, but I am happier now than I ever have been. My family is closer than ever, I am married to most wonderful and loving woman in the world, and I find that what I started back in August 2004 as The New LIbertarian has grown into a reform movement that can do just fine on it’s own.

It’s time for me to retire from active day to day blogging and concentrate on beating my illness. So that’s what I am doing.

I still intend to start a book project using voice to type software, and write about how to finish the job of turning the LP from a self obsessed quasi-religious cult to a political party that is driven to win elections and that can actually effect the level of freedom in the USA in a meaningful way. I can take much more time to do this than blogging allows, and the result if popular can influence many more people than any blog can. I have decided on this path.

I will still be active on the libertarian web, making comments where they need to be made. Thanks for everyone’s patronage over the last few years. It has been a joy to challenge the “conventional wisdom” inside the LP and be the one to tell everyone that the emperor wears no clothes.

I have zero doubt that in 2008~12, the LP won’t look anything like the LP of 2004. Take care.


2 Responses to “Liberty For Sale Goes Off-Line”

  1. Tim West Says:


    I may have found a way where I’ll have a voice on the web but I wont have to type. Just one medium post at L4s was taking me hours to do. I just cant type much anymore.

    100% video and audio posts with podcasting as well. I am going to see if can do it and not interfere with my treatments. if it goes well, I’ll take it live. Sme domain name.

  2. Austin Cassidy Says:

    That would great, I’ll be looking forward to it! :)

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