Americans Want a Third Party

Interesting new poll...

“Some people say we should have a third major political party in this country in addition to the Democrats and Republicans. Do you agree or disagree?”

Agree - 53%
Disagree - 40%
Not sure - 7%

8 Responses to “Americans Want a Third Party”

  1. rj Says:

    I always hear from people too that want a third party, but they’re only willing to vote for a third party that has a chance to win.

  2. KatysDaddy Says:

    If everyone who says that would actually vote third party, they would win in a landslide

  3. rolf Says:

    third parties always have a chance to win.

    maybe not this election, but if their vote totals increase, maybe the next election.

    A 2004 Badnarik poll conducted by found that 19% of the people think the Libertarian Party candidate for president has a chance to win the 2016 presidential election.

  4. Hammer of Truth » Polling Data: Third Party Support Increasing Says:

    [...] Props. [...]

  5. Matt Sterba Says:

    A large number of people have voted for a third party before. Ross Perot recieved 19% ! He was able to do this because he had the funds to get his message out, and the major media covered his campaign. One of the most important things that we can do, is to expose what a fraud the Commission on Presidential Debates is.

    Even Mexico starts off debates with several canidates. Then, as election day draws near they eliminate some of the lower polling contenders.

    Everyone needs to check out

  6. Mike Grimes Says:

    The key is that a third party has to ride a he can win wave.

    What we forget about Perot is that he dropped out of the 1992 race which more or less crushed that wave, he was a candidate that could win.

    Jesse Ventura rode that wave in Minnesota to victory, in 2002 that same wave was available for Tim Penny, in fact he was polling within the margain of error from day one, but when Paul Wellstone died, and the final debates were cancled his wave was crushed.

    That wave exist all around the country for third party candidates, unfortanatly the formula for creating it is not yet well defined. As soon as we figure it out the Democrats and Republicans will not have enough windbags to stop the flood of independent and 3rd party representives.

  7. Matt Sterba Says:

    One quick note about Jesse Ventura. Before he was allowed into the debates, he was polling below 10%, and look what happened!

    I was on c-span with Michael Badnarik the day after he won the nomination. I asked him “what can we do to help influence the CPD?”. He’s seems like a great guy, but unfortunately he really didn’t have an answer. I think that he said something like “talk about politics more”. I’m still wondering.

  8. Brandon H. Says:

    World Net Daily had an article that a third party focussed strongly on border security could do well. Maybe Jim Gilchrist or Tom Tancredo will make a third party run for President.
    Dem - 31%
    3rd - 30%
    Rep - 21%

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