Building the Purple Party?

John from North Carolina tipped me off about this really interesting series of articles in New York Magazine...

Part 1: Introducing the Purple Party

Part 2: Building the Frankencandidate

Part 3: But Is a Third Party Possible?

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  1. Jim 101 Says:

    I’m very disappointed with the pace of the third parties towards the 08 Presidential race (But is a Third Party Possible?)

    Clearly there is a decent shot of a third party candidate to do well here, the best since Perot, given the publics complete disgust with the 2 major parties, but there seems to be little to no momentum among any third party to seize the moment. One could argue that it’s early yet, but it will take alot of time for a third party candidate to emerge and get his name out there, and to gain the trust of the electorate, and to get ballot access.

    From liberal to conservative, every third party represents a burning issue or more that the two major parties are ignoring. It’s time to get moving out there…

  2. Tim West Says:

    So the simple question is this: Why can’t we have a serious, innovative, truth-telling, pragmatic party without any of the baggage of the Democrats and Republicans? A real and enduring party built around a coherent set of ideas and sensibility—neither a shell created for a single charismatic candidate like George Wallace or Ross Perot, nor a protest party like the Greens or Libertarians, with no hope of ever getting more than a few million votes in a presidential election. A party that plausibly aspires to be not a third party but the third party—to winning, and governing.

    Exactly my dream for the LP - even down to the not a third party, the third party - ( wonder if they read HoT or L4S?

    this is so frustrating.

  3. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Says:

    Already today this NEW YORK MAGAZINE
    series is creating a nation wide buzz!
    This could be the sentinel article of the year!
    (especially centrist reform types…..)

  4. Otto Kerner Says:

    Tim: Realistically, if it happens, it’s going to be either a multibillionaire or else an established Republican or Democrat bolting the party. I didn’t see anything in this article that was very relevant to the Libertarians.

  5. Tim West Says:


    there absolutely no chance if the platform and the pledge does not get fixed. There are certain things that simply have to be done, and if they are done, it’s entirely possible that person ( or group of persons, which I think is far more likely) might look favorably on the LP.

    There’s no chance otherwise in any case. I prefer to work for the best case scenario and believe. There’s a gaping hole in american politics you can drive a entire planet through - and that hole will be filled. It’s my job to try to make the LP a attractive as possible to those people. The LP has the basic idea down pat, that people should be free - and then it commits suicide every election on shit nobody outside the party cares about.

  6. Stuart Richards Says:

    He had me until he advocated a draft… I think his basic notions are sound, but he’s too progressive for the average voter. Supporting a draft is not going to fly with ANYONE, not even independents.

  7. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Says:

    Again, most of the prose is extremely relavant to 2006 and 2008! The sample politicians (Ladies and Gentlement, The Next President and Or Vice President) was very weak and possibly a comic relief!
    1980 and 1992 saw about ten and twenty percent vote total, all wrapped up in a few months with sitting Presidents and with out Personal Computers hooked up to a world wide web…......

  8. rj Says:

    “He had me until he advocated a draft… I think his basic notions are sound, but he’s too progressive for the average voter. Supporting a draft is not going to fly with ANYONE, not even independents.”

    I’m sure the writer knows that, but as someone that knows a lot of military personnel, trust me, they are WAY too stretched right now and recruiting is going down, but the administration and Democrats act as if all is okay. We’re fighting two wars right now (Iraq and Afghanistan) and barely have enough troops for that. If Iran or North Korea decided to do anything (like say, announcing they have enriched uranium), the U.S. could do nothing outside of U.N. sanctions because they couldn’t back it up. We would be forced to either announce a draft or leave Iraq or Afghanistan and leave their leaders to fend for themselves (i.e. what we did to South Vietnam).

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