A Few News Items…

-> Hammer of Truth reports that Minnesota Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Sue Jeffers is considering making a run for the Republican nomination as well.

-> Ballot Access News reports that the Tennessee Green Party has qualified candidates to appear on the ballot for both Governor and Senator this year.

-> An interesting discussion going on over at Liberty for Sale on the possibility of a compromise between reformers and “purists” at the 2006 LP convention.

-> The AP ran a story highlighting the Green Party campaign of Michael Berg for U.S. House of Representatives.

-> The Badnarik campaign has placed their second billboard.

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  1. Robert Noval Says:

    Question: why purists in ” “? That implies either that the term is inaccurate, or that we, to whom you apply it, disavow it , or find it objectionnable.

    I, for one, do not. Of course, in the true spirit of the term, let each speak for himself.
    —-The Bikemessenger

  2. Small Government Blog » You Got A Problem With This? Says:

    [...] http://thirdpartywatch.com/?p=659 [...]

  3. Mike Grimes Says:

    I’ve been a little confused by the Sue Jeffers campaign. While the quest for the GOP will get her a fair share of one sentance blurbs in the press it’s a complete waste of time. if she was seriuse about the GOP endorsement she would have sent people to GOP caucuses and at the very least forced them to conduct a true straw poll.

    I’ll give her credit on this as she might actually be doing something with this, but so far she hasn’t taken advantage of any oppurunities to promote herself as a seriuse candidate who intends to win this race.

    Seeking the GOP endorsement over a sitting governor, requires action on her part.

  4. RCAIP Says:

    Austin, you forgot one item newsworthy-

    a few days ago, the officers for the Nevada Independent American Party (Constitution Party affiliate), lauched a new website:


    Their old one is soon to be discontinued.


  5. Smoke Out Gary » Blog Archive » Jeffers to Officially Announce Republican Candidacy Today Says:

    [...] News that broke on Saturday that Jeffers approached GOP officials for delegates access and was denied has touched off a firestorm in the local blogosphere. Some interesting and wide ranging opinions can be gleaned from posts and reader comments at Anti-Strib, Minnesota Democrats Exposed, Residual Forces, Broken Nails, Cynical Nation, Lloydetta’s, Lake Minnetonka Liberty, Beating the Powers that Be, Backbone Minnesota, Minnesota’s in the Middle, Minnesota Campaign Report, Freedom Wire, Hadesraze, Hammer of Truth, Wind Beneath the Right Wing, Third Party Watch and countless others. [...]

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