We Want Your Stories!

I’m considering doing a new feature on the site that will give readers a chance to share some of their own experiences. Basically it would be an occassional item (maybe weekly?) that told the story of how a person came to belong to a third party and in what ways they’ve been active and involved since joining.

Everything from “I became a Socialist at 19 and have run for U.S. Senate three times” to “I became a Libertarian at 45 after a bad experience with the government and have volunteered on two campaigns.”

Of course, the stories would be a bit longer than that. Perhaps somewhere in the range of 200-600 words.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in… and beyond that… something you’d like to participate in, drop me an email.

Also, a special note to past candidates… I would very much like to hear from a few of you who would be interested in writing longer articles. Where you self-examine your experience running for office and offer advice for those who might be running now or thinking about running in the future.

All minor parties welcome. Even the weird ones. :)

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  1. KyColonel Says:

    Greatly appreciate your site and the effort you put in. I think the open thread is a great idea. I’m a registered Independent but only feature third parties in my blogroll at:


    Of course, your site is included as well.

    My story is pretty simple - After a couple of decades as a registered Democrat, I came to the realization that there wasn’t any difference between the Democrats and Republicans and that the corporate parties weren’t going to get the job done. I consider myself a third Independent, a third Green and a third Libertarian.

    I’ll look forward to reading the threads. Good luck.

  2. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Says:

    (A) As a declared (true!) Independent, what do you think of Tennesse’s Individual Rights Party; Teddy Roosevelt (and his 1912 running mate, California’s governor and Direct Democracy guru Hiram P. Johnson) in general; Moose Mahoney (Independent for California Governor); BullMooseBlogger.blogspot.com; VETSparty.us; Seven-11’s George Mihos (Independent for Mass Governor); Arid Zona’s Senator John McCain’s caving into Jerry Faldwell’s Liberty University’s speaking engagement? Bible Thumper Jim Meeks’ so called Honesty and Integrity Party (Ill and Chi-Town); New York State’s Integrity Party and the trumping for Donald Trump’s possible (with Lou Dobb’s on the short end of the ticket) P2008 effort?

    (B) 1/3 Indie, 1/3 Green, 1/3 Lib?
    Hmmmmmmmm, could you be a typical, messy, 100% Reform Minded, Radical Centrist, interested in long term secular evolution and revolution?

  3. Ragnar Danashold Says:

    What about current candidates, who’s party consist of the candidate and about 9 of his mates?

    Because that makes up the Liberty Workers Party.

    Hello, I’m Adam White, and I’m going to lose the 2008 election. 1: It’s impossible for little minor independant write-in candidates to win elections in this country; 2: I’m fairly radical; 3: That pesky Constitution keeps getting in the way, what with my age and all.

    As for issues, I’m a Moderate-Libertarian on Social Issues, a Moderate-Radical on Foreign Policy, and a Democratic Socialist on Economic Issues.

    Any questions, comments, attacks, ect., please post either here or on the blog at Politics1.com (my website up there).


    PS: Yes, 3 diffrent names. On my birth certificate, it’s Adam White. In the great expances of the World Wide Web, I’m Ragnar Danashold. To my personal friends, colleagues, and comrades, I’m Poncho.

  4. KyColonel Says:

    Hmmmmmmmm, could you be a typical, messy, 100% Reform Minded, Radical Centrist, interested in long term secular evolution and revolution?

    I’d say that’s fairly accurate. Feel free to check out my blog and make your own determination. Not much time but if one accepts that a “progressive” is simply one who desires change, TR would qualify within the context of his time. This nonsense about McCain being either independent or a maverick is strictly a corporate media monster. He’s neither; he’s spent the last six years kissing Bush’s ring. Trump could probably bank 20% in a popular election. The bar is so low now that anybody with a name recognition, enough cash on hand to get the message out and a good delivery could probably meet that threshold. I’d personally prefer others.

    I’ll check out BullMooseBlogger as soon as I get the chance. Greatly appreciate the heads up.

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