McCourt Declares for NY Governor

It’s official...

One of New York’s most colorful political gadflies says he intends to run for governor.

Writer and actor Malachy McCourt says he’ll seek the Green Party nomination to end nuclear energy programs and revoke the death penalty. In a news release announcing his intentions, McCourt says his campaign planks are in keeping with the Biblical commandment, ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill.’

McCourt, who is also the brother of “Angela’s Ashes” author Frank McCourt, plans to officially announce his candidacy Sunday.

McCourt is a familiar public radio and T-V talk show guest who has written eight books. The latest is “I Never Drink When I’m Sober.”

He writes a newspaper column called “Sez I to Myself” and has acted in films including “The Molly Maguires” and “Green Card.”

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