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Diamond Enters PA Gubernatorial Race

Yet another interesting independent candidate for governor this year, this time in Pennsylvania.

Pittsburgh LIVE has the story…

Russ Diamond, the 42-year-old founder of a group targeting incumbent officeholders, today announced he will run as an independent candidate for Pennsylvania governor.

Diamond, of Lebanon, needs to gather about 67,000 signatures on a petition by Aug 1, in order to get the on the November ballot with Democratic incumbent Gov. Ed Rendell and Republican Lynn Swann, of Sewickley Heights.

Diamond formed Operation PACleanSweep last July, to oppose the Legislature’s now repealed pay raise that Rendell signed into law. His organization grew into a stateiwide anti-incumbency movement, but has been hit by controversy as members of Diamond’s board of directors balked at the idea of his running for statewide office.

Diamond told reporters in Harrisburg this morning that he’ll step down from the board next week.

He asid he’ll also hammer Swann on the government pay issue, because Swann is backed by the GOP establishmdent that engineered the pay raise.

“This could be a good time for a second American revolution,” Diamond said.

5 Responses to “Diamond Enters PA Gubernatorial Race”

  1. Freelancer Says:

    Man, independents running for governor are popping up all over.

  2. IndiPol Says:

    Sweet. Texas, Oregon, Pennsylvania…keep on rollin’!

  3. Mark Rauterkus Says:

    It is good to see an Indie in the PA race. I’ve got to help him with ballot access. There requirement is nearly 70,000 signatures. That is very, very hard. We need to get ballot access reform.

    I’ve run for PA Senate and city council—recently, both times as a Libertarian. I’m going to help Russ so I’ve turned to “I”. And, Russ was a candidate in the past as both L and R—like me as well.

  4. Freelancer Says:

    Also, I think he’s is the first conservative independent to run for governor yet.

  5. mark san souci Says:

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 13, 2006
    Contact: J Mills 253/ 226-6362
    or Richard Shepard 253/ 383-2235

    Libertarian Party of Washington State Endorses Bruce Guthrie for US Senate

    BREMERTON, Wash.

    On Saturday, April 9, 2006 the Libertarian Party of Washington State (LPWA) voted to endorse Bruce Guthrie in his bid for US Senate at their annual convention in Bremerton, Washington.

    Ruth Bennett, LPWA Chair and 2004 gubernatorial candidate, expressed her strong support, “I am pleased and excited to have Bruce Guthrie as our candidate for US Senate. I know Bruce to be a man of honesty and integrity. I know him to be generous and encouraging, making time for others and coaching for the Special Olympics.”

    On a personal note, Bennett added, “Through the past several years, I have also seen Bruce’s strength and compassion as he stood lovingly and resolutely by his wife Grace in her battle with cancer.” Bruce Guthrie’s wife passed away last November.

    Bennett is not alone in her excitement. LPWA Convention attendees applauded and cheered when Guthrie’s nomination was formally announced. Among those lending support was Travis Thomas, an economics major at the University of Washington and web columnist for the Internationalist magazine. Thomas explained his enthusiasm, “I know that Bruce Guthrie will help the US interact with other nations respectfully and peacefully. He will speak honestly and openly about the real benefits and true costs of America’s foreign policy.”

    Bruce Guthrie expressed his own thoughts about the campaign, “I intend to bring an important voice to the debate about US foreign and domestic policy.” He continued, “My candidacy will give the voters a choice about whom they can feel good.”

    When asked about his campaign message, Guthrie replied without hesitation “I want to promote peace, justice, and equal rights for all people.” His top campaign issues include ending the Iraq war, repealing the unconstitutional parts of the USA PATRIOT Act, defending same sex marriage rights and ending government subsidies to big business.

    Guthrie is an instructor at Western Washington University, having earned his Masters Degree from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. He is an established Libertarian Party leader and a competitive speed skater, sharing his passion for the sport by coaching children in the Whatcom Speed Skating Club and developmentally disabled adults through NW Washington Special Olympics.

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