Candidate of the Day Feature

The Candidate of the Day feature has been really popular on this site. People have been emailing me suggestions since Day 1 and I’ve tried whenever possible to incorporate them into the daily postings.

However, it’s still only April and many campaigns have barely gotten off the ground at this point. I don’t want to exaust the feature too far before the election, so I’m going to give it a break for the next month or so. I still have at least a dozen and probably more candidates in mind as ones that I want to feature in the future.

When Candidate of the Day does return sometime in May, expect a little bit of a surprise with the first candidate profile. :)

Until then, please feel free to continue emailing me suggestions and other comments.

And remember that the site itself is not taking a break from update (not at all), but just the daily featured candidate.

Thanks! - Austin

2 Responses to “Candidate of the Day Feature”

  1. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Says:

    Great feature
    Only wish
    had followed your lead.

    Hope you formally publish
    Green City Council Member
    Harry Martin’s site

    (He has reproduced letters
    from Austin Cassiday….)

  2. esso Says:

    A candidate a day rocks
    It keeps the doctor away for good
    But so does candidate haiku