A few blog items…

-> Tim West talks some more about his health situation and also gives a few hints about where he plans to take Liberty For Sale in the future.

-> This item from Hammer of Truth is a really good read. Stephen Gordon goes through an absurdly bad article by a member of the LNC and tears it apart point-by-point.

-> Green blogger J. M. Branum (of JMBZine.com) passed the bar exam in Oklahoma. Congrats!

-> The official Libertarian Party blog takes on the question: “What government programs are the most harmful?”

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  1. Michael Gilson-De Lemos Says:

    The ‘absurdly bad’ article adresses the common myth that Libertarians regularly get small results. It is a review of what Libertarians are doing to get elected—as opposed to theories on how they should—and zeroes in on such surprisingly abusurd items as the need to be spending money on basics first, having a website however simple, vatious low-cost outreach methods, building coalitions in the community and retaining the names of petitioners for further contact to create an organization. It is based on successful actions in Florida, Costa Rica, and elsewhere—and actions that Third Party Watch has praised at other times.

  2. Julie C Says:

    Did you actually read the article? It’s the criticism that’s absurd.

    Mr. Gilson is o one of the movement founders and led the way in taking Florida from 5 people in office to over 40, including the first Libertarian landslides. His best practice studeis and work have helped create a world movement. What he says is mostly common sense. He is presently leading the best affiliate in the country, with more people in office than most state parties among other things. When the Costa Ricans came to the LP Convention, they hailed him as their best friend. He’s helped found more Libertarian groups worldwide and served in more political offices than any Libertarian I know.

    He does annoy a lot of Libertarian Party ‘leaders’ who want to theorize we should act like the other parties so they can raise funds to feather their nests or reinvent the flat tire. These people run campaigns that leave nothing behind but demoralized people with less moeny. He discusses how to build groups and get things done with legwork and teamwork first.

    He’s also quite vocal about problems on LNC HQ where people have been saying do things Steve’s way for years as if it’s all new. It doesn’t work. Mr. Gilson explains what is working and that those who say Libertarians are not getting elected and appointed or can just expect low numbers are not paying attention.

  3. Ralph Says:

    I checked the link. It seems that Steve had no idea what the article was about and others were just going on based on their preconceptions.

    The real spectacle was MG politely ‘tearing’ into his critic and warching the guy backpedal.

    I’ve been to MG’s seminars and he’s really in touch with the actual problems people face. I’ve seen LP’s do a lot of foolish stuff like pay hundreds of thousands for petition campaigns and not even keep the names for further contact. MG says keep the names and lay a base. As he says at the end of his article…Duh.

  4. Gary Says:

    We’re all standing around here at 3 AM gasping at this guy’s attack on the article—and cheering MG’s responses.

    The real problem is the National LP doesn’t even have candidate materials in the middle of election season—but it has this guy’s blog where people criticize those doing something positive like MG who actually are in political office and lead active affiliates—one of the few on LNC.

    Third Party Watch signed off on this? Why?

  5. Bill S Says:

    MG may not have everything just right but the basic system works for me. I’ve been appointed to an advisory board, and I’m having a ball.

  6. Austin Cassidy Says:

    All of the responses to this item was submitted within a few hours of each other from the exact same IP address. Thus, I must conclude that all were generated by Mr. Gilson-De Lemos.

    This seems pretty consistent with the claims being made. I live in Florida and to me, the Florida LP seems practically asleep.

    I looked at your website to try and back up your claim that the LPF had 40 public officials in office.

    First off, the list seems to only include about 32 names. Not one of them seem to be a partisan office. In fact, the only elected offices on here (I suspect) are on several county-wide Soil and Water Conservation Boards. And those boards are a great stepping stone to other offices like city council and such. However, that only represents 8 of the people on the list.

    I’m not going to try and go through the whole list and argue each one’s validity… but I grew up in Nassau County and am familiar with the politics there. And I live in and am involved in the political realm of neighboring Duval County.

    So… I’ll address the 3 Libertarian “public officials” in these two counties.

    In Nassau County, Dr. Kenneth Mertz is on the Fernandina Beach Port Authority Board. Cool. Except the only elected entity with a name similar to that is the Nassau County Ocean, Highway & Port Authority Board. And Mr. Mertz is not on that. Since the link on your site just leads to the Nassau County Clerk’s website, I searched the Clerk’s website for the name Mertz and found nothing.

    Doug Klippel, you claim, is on the Duval County Election Reform Task Force. That’s great… but as best I can tell it was a committee set up to examine what went wrong with the 2000 elections. And from the website: “The ERTF issued their final report on June 12, 2001.”

    Plus, if you search the task force’s final report… Mr. Klippel is not mentioned anywhere in there as a member.

    Mike Meroney is on the Taxation, Revenue & Utilization of Expenditures Commission. This one actually seems to check out. There is an advisory committee with this name and Mr. Meroney is on it. It’s pretty obscure though… plus the county has dozens of committees, and many of them have 10-20 members each. This one, in fact, has 18 members on it.

    So… of the 3 local public officials in Duval and Nassau Counties, I can only verify that one of them exists. And even then he’s on just about one of the most obscure boards you can imagine.

    You’ll have to excuse me if I’m not hugely impressed.

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