Today’s Candidate: Jesse Mortenson

FRIDAY —March 7th, 2006

Today’s candidate of the day is Jesse Mortenson for Minnesota State House. He’s running as the Green Party candidate and this is the second time he has been featured as our candidate of the day.

I started off this week with Craig Bergland, a candidate with a website that is quite amusing… but also a functioning example of “what not to do” if you want to be taken seriously.

So, I figured it might be a good idea to end the week with a candidate’s website that is doing just about everything right. That candidate is Jesse Mortenson for Minnesota State House.

The design is clean and the color-scheme reflects the candidate’s Green Party background. He’s wisely focused on five main issues and laid them out in an easy to digest format.

Also check out MTV, the candidate’s media page featuring video, audio, and even a podcast subscription.

Additionally, the site includes a photo gallery with some credibility-enhancing images. This is something I think a lot of third party campaign sites mistakenly ignore.

Consider this shot of a couple of supporters standing around during the campaign’s kick-off event as well this one of the entire room from the same event. The giant poster in the background of the first image and the crowded room in the next image send a clear message that the campaign is pretty well organized. At the very least, they can fill up a room with supporters and hang professional-looking campaign material on the wall… and that’s quite a bit more than most third party candidates for local office ever accomplish.

In short, campaign sites need more pictures like this:

And fewer pictures like this:

(that’s the head and two fingers of Roger I. Price of Utah, candidate for U.S. Senate)

The website:

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