Meeks Polling at 7% in Illinois

New polling data in the Illinois gubernatorial race from The Chicago Sun-Times. The post-primary poll including independent candidate and State Senator James Meeks shows Meeks with support starting at around 7%...

I know that the Topinka forces are taking great heart in a couple of newly released polls. One of them done by Rasmussen Reports. It’s an automated poll, an aggregation really of three polls, two of which were taken before the primary and one after. It shows Topinka over Blagojevich 43 percent to 41 percent.

The other, done by the Glengariff Group, is a post-primary survey of 600 registered voters. It has Topinka at 44 percent and Blagojevich at 41 percent. And, when it factors in the possible independent candidacy of state Sen. James Meeks, Topinka still leads with 40 percent against the governor’s 38 percent with Meeks trailing in at 7 percent.

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  1. undercover_ararchist Says:

    I wish Mr. Meeks all the luck in the world, as an independent, but it is a sad statement that an effective issue for an independent to run on is the promise to RAISE taxes.

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