A Few Random Items…

-> Kevin Zeese narrowly won the endorsement of the Libertarian Party of Maryland, advancing his quest to be a fusion candidate for U.S. Senate, representing the Libertarian, Green, and Populist parties.

-> A new update on the condition of Liberty For Sale’s Tim West… posted by Tim himself!

-> The Badnarik for Congress campaign has been having some website troubles lately. The site is currently back online, however the blog is still not working and the logo at the top of the page has reverted to the “Badnarik/Campagna” one from the 2004 Presidential race.

-> Ballot Access News reports that in recent days both the first black Presidential candidate (Clifton DeBerry) and John Haag, co-founder and leader of the Peace and Freedom Party, have died. Haag was 76 and DeBerry was 82.

3 Responses to “A Few Random Items…”

  1. mmachine Says:

    Good coverage as always.

  2. Chris Moore Says:

    What has been going on with the Badnarik website? It’s been either down or in the messed up state it currently is in for several days now.

  3. Tim West Says:


    thanks or your coverage of me. Typing is hard work, so I will be moving to video entries on LFS. Should be cool. long and nasty chemo and rad treatments ahead for a long time.

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